Abandons example sentences

Related (14): deserts, relinquishes, forsakes, quits, dumps, drops, disowns, renounces, jilts, ditches, cast-offs, discards, neglects, cancels.

"Abandons" Example Sentences

1. She abandons her plans to travel abroad.
2. The lost dog abandons its search for food and wanders aimlessly.
3. The company abandons its merger with a rival firm.
4. The soldier abandons his post without permission from his commanding officer.
5. As the storm approaches, the family abandons their home and seeks shelter elsewhere.
6. The suspect abandons the stolen car and flees on foot.
7. The business abandons its plans to expand into a new market due to economic uncertainty.
8. The adventurer abandons his attempt to reach the summit of the mountain due to dangerous weather conditions.
9. The mother abandons her strict parenting style and decides to let her child make their own decisions.
10. The team abandons their game plan after falling behind in the first half.
11. The ship captain reluctantly abandons his vessel after it takes on too much water.
12. The hikers abandons their trek through the woods after losing their map and compass.
13. The politician abandons his campaign promises once elected into office.
14. The artist abandons their current project and starts a new one on a whim.
15. The family abandons their weekly tradition due to a family emergency.
16. The cyclist abandons the race after suffering a serious injury.
17. The writer abandons their original plot and takes the story in a completely different direction.
18. The homeowner abandons their renovation project after running out of funds.
19. The project manager abandons their original timeline and proposes a new one.
20. The musician abandons their songwriting process and takes inspiration from a different genre.
21. The patient abandons traditional medicines and opts for alternative treatments.
22. The criminal abandons their plan to rob a bank after being spooked by security measures.
23. The entrepreneur abandons their startup idea and pivots to a new business model.
24. The researcher abandons their hypothesis after data analysis proves it incorrect.
25. The movie director abandons their original casting choices and looks for actors who better fit the roles.
26. The politician abandons their party and runs as an independent candidate.
27. The college student abandons their major and switches to a completely different field of study.
28. The teacher abandons their lesson plan due to a classroom disturbance.
29. The athlete abandons their typical training regimen and tries a new approach to improve performance.
30. The farmer abandons their crop rotation strategy and experiments with a new method.

Common Phases

not include any names.
1. He abandons his dreams;
2. She abandons her responsibilities;
3. They abandon their plans;
4. The dog abandons its bone;
5. The ship abandons its course;
6. The athlete abandons the race;
7. The car abandons the road;
8. The company abandons the project;
9. The government abandons its promises;
10. The teacher abandons their lesson plan.

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