Annotation example sentences

Related (17): Note, commentary, explanation, footnote, gloss, mark-up, reference, appendix, addendum, memo, inscription, underline, highlight, remark, notate, record, citation.

"Annotation" Example Sentences

1. The annotator added tags and comments to the text.
2. The biological data needs human annotation and markup.
3. The annotation tools facilitate tagging and labeling of text.
4. The researchers are working on automated image annotation.
5. The annotation layer provides additional information and context.
6. The journal allows for annotations and comments within articles.
7. The annotated version contains notes, comments and explanations.
8. The map features labels and annotations to identify locations.
9. The dataset includes detailed manual annotation of the images.
10. The annotation helps clarify and explain the text.
11. The reviewer provided helpful annotations and notes.
12. The annotator tagged the documents with relevant categories.
13. The annotations provide clarifications and definitions of terms.
14. The markup contains metadata annotation of text passages.
15. The markup tool facilitates automatic and manual annotation.
16. Expert annotation is needed to build training datasets.
17. The document contains many margin notes and annotations.
18. The image markup required extensive annotations and labeling.
19. The dataset features detailed hand annotation of the data points.
20. The annotations provide useful context and background information.
21. She annotated her notes with dates and source citations.
22. Text annotation is necessary for natural language processing.
23. The embedded metadata provides machine-readable annotation.
24. The corpus markup contains semantic and syntactic annotations.
25. The field notes feature detailed annotations and observations.
26. The website enables user annotation and commentary.
27. The software facilitates collaborative document annotation.
28. The user guide includes helpful tips and annotations.
29. The text features margin notes and annotations in multiple colors.
30. The map contains layers of spatial annotations and data layers.
31. The code contains helpful annotations and comments.
32. The software extracts metadata and semantic annotations.
33. The students annotated the text to display their understanding.
34. The database stores product data with extensive attribute annotation.
35. Researchers annotated the dataset to create training examples.
36. The interface simplifies textual annotation and markup.
37. The book is full of markings, notes, and annotations.
38. The slideshow contains audio annotations and narrations.
39. The linguistic corpus contains morphosyntactic annotations.
40. The instructions contain clarifying annotations and examples.
41. The genome data requires extensive manual annotation.
42. The algorithm handles noisy and incomplete annotations.
43. The diagram features explanatory annotations and captions.
44. The page contains handwritten notations and annotations.
45. The interface facilitates rapid annotation and labeling of objects.
46. The corpus contains semantic and syntactic annotations.
47. The dataset provides detailed word-level and part-of-speech annotations.
48. The specifications include helpful annotations and footnotes.
49. The map features annotations identifying points of interest.
50. The exhibit contains digital annotations and multimedia overlays.
51. The software simplifies manual data annotation.
52. The parser handles syntactic annotation of text.
53. He annotated the text with editorial comments and questions.
54. The software tools facilitate fast creation and editing of annotations.
55. The interface facilitates collaborative document annotation in real time.
56. The service provides manual and automated annotation of text and images.
57. The article includes a glossary annotating difficult terms.
58. The index contains hyperlinked annotations linking to relevant sections.
59. The slides feature speaker notes and annotations.
60. The data requires detailed manual annotation for machine learning tasks.

Common Phases

1. I added some additional annotations to the diagram to clarify certain details.
2. The researcher carefully made annotations directly on the original text during the close reading process.
3. The gene annotations show that it plays an important role in cell metabolism.
4. I color-coded the paragraphs with annotation tags to indicate the main ideas.
5. The annotation software allows users to highlight text and add notes directly on the digital document.
6. The detailed annotation on each image helped the students understand the important features.
7. The annotations on the map identify key locations and historical sites.
8. The function of each part of the circuit diagram was clearly annotated.
9. The historical text was filled with useful annotations from previous scholars.
10. The PDF version came with helpful annotations and formatting that the plain text lacked.
11. The conventions for making proper annotations vary by discipline and professor.
12. His handwritten annotations in the margins of old books make them more valuable.
13. I addedtags and annotations to bookmarks to organize my research sources better.
14. The word annotations allowed the reader to understand certain references and allusions.
15. The journal article's wealth of data tables and graphs were accompanied by thorough annotations.
16. The researcher spent weeks analyzing and adding annotations to the corpus of text.
17. The software annotations specify variable types and other programming information.
18. I color-coded my annotations to distinguish between different types of notes.
19. Many contemporary works come with helpful annotations explaining certain references.
20. The handwritten annotations were difficult to decipher but added insight.
21. The professor required sources to be properly cited and accompanied by textual annotations.
22. The database contains over one million records with extensive annotations.
23. The image annotations identify crucial elements and areas of interest.
24. The markup language allows for embedded annotations within text.
25. The journal's peer review process resulted in valuable editorial annotations to the article.
26. The student's careful annotations signaled a close reading of the primary text.
27. The XML file includes both structural tags and textual annotations.
28. The biologist added biological function annotations to the newly sequenced genes.
29. The lecture came with valuable PowerPoint annotations explaining the most complex concepts.
30. The glossary provided useful annotations for unfamiliar terms used throughout the text.
31. The annotations helped illustrate patterns and highlight key findings in the data visualization.
32. The visual annotations allowed the students to identify main idea and supporting details.
33. The semantic web aims to augment documents with machine-readable annotations.
34. I added color-coded annotations representing different themes in the interview transcripts.
35. She made descriptive annotations to the photographs to aid future researchers.
36. I spent hours adding written annotations to supplement the figures and tables.
37. The poem's extensive annotations explained allusions and cultural references.
38. The professor preferred handwritten annotations to tagged notes.
39. The map annotations identified important historical and cultural sites.
40. The linguistic annotations classify parts of speech and grammatical functions.
41. The musical score came annotated with helpful symbols and marks.
42. The biologist spent months carefully annotating the genetic sequences.
43. The scholar's annotations revealed a nuanced interpretation of the text.
44. The artwork came with an extensive descriptive annotation discussing its meaning and symbolism.
45. I added my own annotations to the margin of an academic journal article.
46. The quantitative data came with a table of annotations explaining each variable.
47. The student cited several sources and included annotations explaining how they were used.
48. The linguistic annotations identified syntactic relations between words and phrases.
49. The annotation conventions of the discipline must be followed precisely.
50. The artwork came with detailed visual annotations identifying each element.
51. The literary scholar's annotations provided insight into difficult passages.
52. The database uses standardized annotations to facilitate data sharing and reuse.
53. The map included valuable annotations showing demographics and statistics.
54. The scholarly edition of the poem included hundreds of annotations by experts.
55. The textbook came with annotations clarifying difficult concepts and examples.
56. The geneticist spent years carefully annotating the gene sequences.
57. The blog post included valuable textual annotations and references.
58. The old book came filled with helpful marginal annotations.
59. The chemical structures were exhaustively annotated with functional groups and properties.
60. The well-annotated figure helped illustrate the main concepts.

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