Conservatism example sentences

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"Conservatism" Example Sentences

1. The conservative approach of the government has limited their responsiveness to new ideas.
2. The rise of conservatism in recent years has signaled a shift in the political landscape.
3. Many believe that conservatism is a necessary balance to progressivism in society.
4. The conservative values of traditionalism and stability are often attractive to older generations.
5. The conservative candidate was successful in the election due to their appeal to more traditional voters.
6. The influence of conservatism can be seen in the education and healthcare systems in many countries.
7. The conservatism of the business world can sometimes hinder innovation and progress.
8. The conservative party has been criticized for their lack of action on social issues.
9. The conservatism of the legal system can sometimes impede progress towards social justice.
10. The conservative parents were worried about the influence of liberal ideas on their children.
11. The conservatism of certain religions can create tension with increasingly liberal societies.
12. The conservative backlash against progressive policies is often a reflection of fear of change.
13. The conservatism of the older generation can clash with the progressive views of younger generations.
14. The conservative opinion on immigration has been a hot topic in recent political discussions.
15. The conservatism of the media can result in bias towards certain political views.
16. The conservative economic policies of austerity can contribute to inequality and poverty.
17. The conservatism of the healthcare system can sometimes hinder progress towards more holistic approaches.
18. The conservatism of certain cultures can impede progress towards greater equality and inclusivity.
19. The conservative mindset of clinging to tradition can sometimes hold societies back from progress.
20. The conservatism of certain political leaders can contribute to a lack of trust in government institutions.
21. The conservative backlash against social progress can sometimes lead to intolerance and discrimination.
22. The conservatism of some religious groups can create tension with members of the LGBTQ+ community.
23. The conservatism of certain educational institutions can result in a lack of diversity and inclusivity.
24. The conservative approach to environmental issues can sometimes prioritize profit over preservation.
25. The conservatism of some lawmakers can create a disconnect with the needs and interests of the public.
26. The conservative attitudes towards certain healthcare practices can impede progress towards more effective treatments.
27. The conservatism of certain industries can resist technological advancements and innovation.
28. The conservative principles of law and order can sometimes result in a lack of accountability for those in power.
29. The conservatism of certain cultural practices can limit opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment.
30. The conservative ideology of nationalism can sometimes lead to divisions and conflict within societies.

Common Phases

1. Conservative values are essential for a stable society;
2. Many people believe that conservatism is too rigid and inflexible;
3. The conservative approach often prioritizes tradition over innovation;
4. Conservatism aims to uphold traditional social norms and institutions;
5. Critics argue that conservatism stifles progress and social change;
6. Conservative politicians often champion lower taxes and limited government intervention;
7. Conservatism can be seen as a response to perceived threats to traditional values;
8. The conservative movement has varied greatly throughout history and across different countries;
9. Conservative ideology is based on the belief in individual responsibility and self-reliance;
10. The conservative worldview often emphasizes the importance of law and order.

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