Deforming example sentences

Related (8): altering, changing, distorting, warping, disfiguring, contorting, mangling, bending


[dəˈfôrm] ✕ Play

deforming (present participle)

  - distort the shape or form of; make misshapen:

  - become distorted or misshapen; undergo deformation:


disfigure, misshape, contort, buckle, twist, warp, damage, impair, maim, injure, misshapen, distorted, malformed, contorted, twisted, crooked, curved, warped, buckled, gnarled, maimed, injured, damaged, humpbacked, hunchbacked, disfigured, ugly, unsightly, grotesque, monstrous, marred, mutilated, mangled, Legal

"Deforming" Example Sentences

1. The intense heat was deforming the shape of the metal beam.
2. The artist wanted to create a deforming effect with his sculpture.
3. The crash resulted in deforming the car's frame.
4. The pressure from the wind was deforming the tent.
5. The weight of the heavy load was deforming the truck bed.
6. The force of the impact was deforming the basketball hoop.
7. The plastic surgeon specializes in deforming the nose to achieve a certain look.
8. The magnetic fields were deforming the shape of the metal.
9. The steady stream of water was deforming the soft soil beneath it.
10. The constant pressure of the athlete's foot was deforming the shoe.
11. The virus was deforming the shape of the cells in the host's body.
12. The construction crew was deforming the land to build a new road.
13. The weight of the book was deforming the binding.
14. The sculptor was purposely deforming the clay to create a unique look.
15. The strong current was deforming the shape of the boat.
16. The heat was deforming the plastic casing on the electronic device.
17. The pressure was deforming the shape of the water balloon.
18. The harsh weather conditions were deforming the tree branches.
19. The constant use of the couch was deforming the cushions.
20. The weight of the building was deforming the foundation.
21. The stress of the job was deforming the employee's mental state.
22. The traffic on the road was deforming the pavement.
23. The athlete's intense training was deforming his body.
24. The weight of the piano was deforming the floorboards.
25. The pressure of the gas was deforming the balloon.
26. The constant friction was deforming the rope.
27. The intense radiation was deforming the genetic material of the cells.
28. The weight of the person was deforming the mattress.
29. The flow of the river was deforming the rocks.
30. The force of the wind was deforming the plastic sheeting.

Common Phases

1. The intense pressure caused the metal to start deforming; the once smooth surface now had bumps and dents.
2. The plastic bottle had been exposed to extreme heat, causing it to start deforming; it was no longer able to hold its shape.
3. The heavy rainfall had caused the river's banks to start deforming; they were now eroding and collapsing.
4. The weight of the building had caused the foundation to start deforming; cracks were visible in the walls.
5. The constant use of the old mattress had caused it to start deforming; it was no longer providing the necessary support.

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