Delayed example sentences

Related (16): postponed, interrupted, deferred, hindered, protracted, stalled, belated, lagging, tardy, obstructed, impeded, retarded, dilatory, sluggish, overdue, prolonged

"Delayed" Example Sentences

1. The flight was delayed due to bad weather.
2. Our meeting had to be delayed an hour.
3. My shipment was delayed in customs.
4. My surgery was delayed due to lack of available doctors.
5. The movie premiere was delayed by a week.
6. He arrived late due to a delayed train.
7. Our departure had to be delayed because we were missing an important document.
8. The project launch was delayed by bureaucratic red tape.
9. Due to heavy traffic, I was delayed in getting to work this morning.
10. The investigation was delayed by lack of evidence.
11. The vaccine rollout has been delayed by production and supply issues.
12. Train service was delayed due to signal problems on the line.
13. The inauguration ceremony was delayed due to security concerns.
14. The candidate's acceptance speech was delayed while vote totals were verified.
15. He went into a depression after his graduation was delayed.
16. My application was delayed because I forgot to submit a required document.
17. The opening of the exhibition was delayed due to outstanding repairs.
18. Her promotion was delayed after the discovery of mistakes in her work.
19. The opening of the new hospital wing has been delayed by weeks.
20. The concert was delayed by over an hour due to technical problems.
21. My retirement date has been delayed due to market downturns.
22. The athlete's punishment was delayed pending an internal investigation.
23. He did not want his plans to get married delayed any longer.
24. The results of the DNA test were delayed for months.
25. His mission was delayed due to bad weather.
26. His appointment with the specialist had to be delayed by a week.
27. She was frustrated that her gratification was being indefinitely delayed.
28. I will have to delay my test results until my symptoms improve.
29. The construction project was severely delayed by a shortage of funds.
30. You'll likely have to delay your presentation until next month.
31. We had to delay our dinner reservation.
32. The launch of the space shuttle was delayed several times due to technical issues.
33. Start times for the games were delayed due to inclement weather.
34. The court hearing has been delayed until next month.
35. His graduation was delayed due to failing multiple courses.
36. They had to delay their honeymoon due to unforeseen circumstances.
37. The company's earnings announcement was delayed to gather more financial data.
38. The test results were delayed because the lab was backed up.
39. The launch of the new product line has been delayed indefinitely.
40. I had to delay my business trip due to a family emergency.
41. The athlete's induction into the Hall of Fame was delayed due to a background check.
42. My medication seems to be delayed in taking effect.
43. The development of the new drug has been significantly delayed.
44. The shipment was severely delayed in transit.
45. The season's opening game had to be delayed due to damage to the stadium.
46. My prognosis has been indefinitely delayed pending further testing.
47. The office opening will have to be delayed until next week.
48. My response has been delayed due to technical issues.
49. Takeoff was delayed due to technical problems with the plane.
50. Her citizenship application has been delayed for months.
51. The remodeling of the kitchen has been delayed by a part shortage.
52. The loan approval was delayed for weeks.
53. The surgery was delayed for over an hour due to an emergency in the operating room.
54. Their retirement plans have been delayed for financial reasons.
55. The announcement was deliberately delayed for strategic reasons.
56. The verdict of the trial was delayed several times due to lack of evidence.
57. The effects of the medicine were delayed until the next day.
58. The tour's itinerary has been delayed twice already.
59. My action has been intentionally delayed to gain an advantage.
60. The medication seemed delayed in taking effect.

Common Phases

1. The flight was delayed for several hours due to bad weather.
2. The opening ceremony was delayed because the main speaker was stuck in traffic.
3. My train was delayed so I arrived late to work.
4. The construction project has been delayed by a month due to supply issues.
5. The surgery was delayed until the doctor could review all test results.
6. The meeting was delayed until more members could arrive.
7. The movie release was delayed several times due to additional editing and special effects work.
8. The launch of the new phone had to be delayed after they discovered a software bug.
9. The campaign rollout was delayed to give the team more time to finalize the message.
10. The proposal submission date has been delayed one week.
11. The school reopening has been delayed again due to the rising COVID cases.
12. Her graduation was delayed because she failed one class.
13. His graduation was delayed one semester after failing to turn in final projects on time.
14. The driver was delayed because of traffic congestion on the highway.
15. The installation of new software was delayed by technical issues.
16. My response was delayed due to a faulty internet connection.
17. Her email reply was delayed because she was out of the office for a few days.
18. The repayment was delayed due to financial difficulties.
19. The project deadline was delayed to give the team more time to finish.
20. Their study abroad program was delayed due to passport issues.
21. The challenge resulted in a slightly delayed reaction.
22. Her growth and development have been slightly delayed.
23. The reaction time was delayed due to the distraction.
24. Her marriage plans have been delayed due to the global pandemic.
25. The children suffered from delayed speech due to language deprivation.
26. The publication of the research paper was delayed due to peer review issues.
27. The witness testimony was delayed because the woman was hospitalized.
28. The response to the questionnaire was delayed because he needed more time to think.
29. The product recall was delayed to give the company more time to investigate.
30. The prisoner's execution was delayed pending an appeal.
31. The due date was delayed after the client requested changes to the project scope.
32. The policy change was delayed due to pushback from stakeholders.
33. The lawsuit settlement was delayed while both sides discussed new terms.
34. The product launch was delayed indefinitely.
35. He suffered from a delayed reaction when he touched the hot stove.
36. His response was slightly delayed due to the mild concussion he sustained.
37. The audit findings were delayed until next month.
38. Her agreement was delayed until she reviewed all the contract details.
39. The child displayed delayed motor skills development.
40. The patient showed delayed verbal communication development.
41. The rainstorm delayed their farm work for most of the day.
42. The hurricane delayed shipping for weeks.
43. The snowstorm significantly delayed bus services.
44. The computer chip shortage has delayed various technology products.
45. Production has been severely delayed due to parts shortages.
46. The opening was slightly delayed due to unforeseen technical difficulties.
47. The examination results were delayed owing to administrative issues.
48. The economic recovery has been significantly delayed by the impact of Brexit.
49. Their biological clock has delayed having children until they felt financially ready.
50. His retirement plans have been delayed following the stock market crash.
51. My gratification was delayed for a long time.
52. She has to contend with delayed responses due to her fragile health.
53. The employee faced a delayed promotion due to organizational restructuring.
54. The launch of the new product was indefinitely delayed.
55. The demand for delay tactics has delayed the election.
56. His reaction to the news was slightly delayed.
57. Payment was delayed due to the bank's administrative inefficiency.
58. Her dream of travelling the world has been continually delayed.
59. The reaction time of the sports car was delayed by a few milliseconds.
60. The results of the DNA test were delayed by weeks.

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