Despair example sentences

Related (10): Hopelessness, sadness, misery, discouragement, dejection, melancholy, anguish, wretchedness, desperation, despondency.

"Despair" Example Sentences

1. She fell into despair when her beloved pet died.
2. The soldiers felt despair at being unable to save their comrades.
3. His career failure plunged him into a state of despair.
4. She knew her child was hurt but could do nothing to alleviate her despair.
5. The patient's family watched in despair as his health deteriorated.
6. The rescue workers felt despair at not being able to reach the trapped miners in time.
7. Despair gripped his heart as his team lost the championship game.
8. The homeless man lived in despair on the streets.
9. Leaves changed color and fell to the ground, mirroring her feelings of despair.
10. He had no hope left and gave into utter despair.
11. The drought had devastated the farmers who despaired at not being able to feed their families.
12. The struggling artist felt despair, believing his work would never be appreciated.
13. Her attempts to console him did nothing to alleviate his deep despair.
14. The widower fell into a state of despair after his wife's death.
15. The loneliness and isolation brought her to despair.
16. Despair gripped my heart when I failed the test.
17. Their dreams faded, leaving them in despair.
18. Illness overtook her body and despair overtook her mind.
19. Her plans fell apart, plunging her into despair.
20. The woman despaired of ever finding true love.
21. Despair crushed his spirit after the diagnosis.
22. Political unrest and economic hardship plunged the country into despair.
23. She despaired of ever fixing their troubled relationship.
24. The refugee camp filled with despair and hopelessness.
25. His grip on reality slipped away in his despair.
26. Fighting a losing battle leaves one in despair.
27. Hopelessness and despair overwhelmed me.
28. Despite her efforts to help, he still sank into despair.
29. Her usually cheerful face now reflected utter despair.
30. Their life savings lost, they despaired of ever recovering financially.
31. Despairing of ever finding peace, he took his own life.
32. The bad news sent him into a state of despair.
33. Her pleas for help fell on deaf ears, leaving her in despair.
34. Despair gripped her at the thought of spending the rest of her life alone.
35. The student despaired of ever understanding the complex math theorem.
36. The army's defeat left the soldiers in despair.
37. His entire world came crashing down around him, leaving him in despair.
38. The doctor's grim prognosis filled her with despair.
39. They despaired of ever seeing their captured loved ones again.
40. The failing business left the owners in utter despair.
41. No hope remained - only despair.
42. Her pleas for help fell upon deaf ears, leaving her in utter despair.
43. The war-torn country was filled with despair and hopelessness.
44. The terminally ill patient sank into despair.
45. The little bird lay broken on the ground, its mother bird looking on in despair.
46. He was consumed with despair and regret.
47. Hopelessness and despair filled the air in the aftermath of the disaster.
48. His mistakes haunted him, plunging him into despair.
49. The horror story filled her with despair and dread.
50. The drought had sent the farmers into despair.
51. Faced with insurmountable problems, she fell into despair.
52. The soldier's mother wept in despair when she learned of his death.
53. Her attempts to console him did little to alleviate his deep despair.
54. His well-meaning words could not lift her out of despair.
55. The refugee camp was filled with despair, hopelessness and suffering.
56. Despair filled her heart as she listened to the doctor's grim diagnosis.
57. She sank into utter despair after her fiance called off the wedding.
58. The blind child had fallen into a state of despair.
59. The army's defeat left the soldiers in despair and hopelessness.
60. Hopelessness and despair consumed her thoughts.

Common Phases

1. The soldier fell into despair when he realized his side was losing the war.
2. She was filled with despair when her child fell ill.
3. Their crops failed, leaving them in a state of utter despair.
4. After many failed attempts, he was close to despair at ever finishing the project.
5. The Economy is in turmoil, leaving many citizens in despair.
6. The prospect of unemployment drove him to despair.
7. The sudden loss of his job threw him into a state of deep despair.
8. The doctor's grim diagnosis filled her with despair.
9. Her marriage falling apart plunged her into complete despair.
10. The hopelessness of their situation drove them to despair.
11. Losing her job was a catalyst that sent her life into a tailspin of despair.
12. The thought of being alone forever filled her with despair.
13. The patient's family fell into despair when the doctor said there was nothing more that could be done.
14. His loneliness pushed him to the brink of despair.
15. No one could raise her from her state of despair.
16. She decided to end her life in a moment of utter despair.
17. The ruins of her childhood home brought back memories that drove her further into despair.
18. He lost all will to live, wallowing in despair.
19. Their financial difficulties pushed them to the edge of despair.
20. The failing grades left him in a state of deep despair.
21. The homeless man sat slumped in despair, longing for better days.
22. I tried to offer words of comfort but nothing could raise her from her despair.
23. He could see no end to their troubles, dwelling only on despair.
24. Despite my attempts to console her, she remained in a state of profound despair.
25. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore, driving him further into despair.
26. He wandered aimlessly, consumed by despair.
27. The lost cause drove many soldiers into a state of despair.
28. His hopes were dashed, leaving him in utter despair.
29. The gloomy news sent him deeper into despair.
30. The suffering he witnessed drove him to the brink of despair.
31. My words of encouragement fell on deaf ears as she remained steeped in despair.
32. Her friends tried to rescue her from her state of hopelessness and despair.
33. She finally threw away her despair and decided to take action.
34. Nothing seemed worthwhile anymore in the depths of his despair.
35. Her spirit was broken and she fell into gloom and despair.
36. He gave up all hope, overcome by despair.
37. She let despair overtake her and fell into a deep depression.
38. The bleak forecast plunged the nation into despair.
39. I watched helplessly as she tumbled further into despair.
40. His life fell apart, leaving him in utter despair and despondency.
41. The failed test results drove him to despair.
42. Nothing could shake him from his state of lethargy and despair.
43. The bad news sent her tumbling into a state of gloom and despair.
44. To see her so despondent broke my heart and filled me with despair.
45. The little, lost puppy sat looking miserable and steeped in despair.
46. I tried to comfort her but she remained inconsolable in her despair.
47. The sight of the empty playground sent waves of despair washing over him.
48. He dragged himself home, defeated and filled with despair.
49. I begged her not to give up hope, but she remained enveloped in despair.
50. Her plans lay in ruins, leaving her overwhelmed with despair.
51. The letter brought crushing news that sent her spiraling into despair.
52. She saw no way out and fell into a state of utter hopelessness and despair.
53. The sight of the blighted fields plunged the farmers into despair.
54. Nothing could rouse her from her state of utter disconsolateness and despair.
55. The ruins of her dreams sent her tumbling into a pit of despair.
56. Her health failing threw her into utter despair.
57. Seeing her beloved city in ruins drove her to the brink of despair.
58. The soldier fought off despair by focusing on his duty.
59. The situation seemed hopeless, driving them further into gloom and despair.
60. His life was falling apart, leaving him in a constant state of despondency and despair.

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