Dissimulatione example sentences

Related (10): deception, deceit, pretense, camouflage, disguise, subterfuge, equivocation, duplicity, guile, artifice

"Dissimulatione" Example Sentences

1. The politician's dissimulatione was so convincing that nobody suspected his true intentions.
2. She tried to hide her disappointment with a mask of dissimulatione.
3. His dissimulatione was so subtle that only the astute could detect it.
4. The company's dissimulatione of their financial troubles was eventually exposed.
5. His dissimulatione had worked for him in the past, but now he was unable to maintain the facade.
6. Her dissimulatione of her true feelings only made the situation worse.
7. The criminal's dissimulatione allowed him to evade suspicion for years.
8. The salesman's dissimulatione was revealed when customers complained about false advertising.
9. He had mastered the art of dissimulatione, and nobody could tell what he was really thinking.
10. Despite her dissimulatione, her emotions were written all over her face.
11. His dissimulatione was a necessary tool in his line of work.
12. The spy's dissimulatione allowed him to blend in with the enemy and gather valuable information.
13. She was tired of the constant dissimulatione and decided to be honest with herself and others.
14. His dissimulatione finally broke down when he was confronted with the truth.
15. The politician's dissimulatione was so blatant that even his supporters began to doubt him.
16. His dissimulatione was so convincing that even his closest friends were fooled.
17. She was skilled at dissimulatione and could hide her true feelings in any situation.
18. His dissimulatione allowed him to get away with things that others could not.
19. The actor's dissimulatione was so convincing that the audience believed he was really the character he was portraying.
20. Her dissimulatione was a coping mechanism that helped her deal with difficult situations.
21. His dissimulatione made it difficult for anyone to get close to him.
22. The criminal used his dissimulatione to manipulate and deceive his victims.
23. Her dissimulatione prevented her from expressing her true desires.
24. The con artist's dissimulatione made him appear trustworthy and likable to his victims.
25. His dissimulatione was a talent that he had honed over the years.
26. She had to use dissimulatione to mask her fear of public speaking.
27. His dissimulatione led him down a path of deceit and dishonesty.
28. The politician's dissimulatione was eventually exposed by the media.
29. Her dissimulatione was a cover for her insecurity and low self-esteem.
30. His dissimulatione had become second nature to him, but it was taking a toll on his mental health.

Common Phases

1. Quae dissimulatione adhibita est peritus.
2. Eiusdem dissimulatione ac prudentia omnes decipiebat.
3. Numquam ad hoc tempus adhibita est dissimulatio maior.
4. Sub dissimulatione occulta machinabatur.
5. Idem rei publicae causa dissimulationem utitur.
6. Aliquando dissimulatione adiuvit quae non audacter conari ausi essent.
7. Ex suo ingenio et dissimulatione facile deprehenditur.
8. Cum dissimulatione tandem redegit eum ad docilitatem.
9. Dissimulatione cultum qui prodit.
10. Hoc me fatebere, sub dissimulatione latere facile poterat.

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