Drums example sentences

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"Drums" Example Sentences

1. He played the drums with a passionate fury.
2. The sound of the drums filled the air.
3. Their rhythmic drumming could be heard from miles away.
4. The tribal drums called the dancers to gather around the fire.
5. The drums started slowly and gradually built up speed and volume.
6. She marches to the beat of her own drum.
7. The ritual drumming began at midnight.
8. The rhythmic beating of the drums had a hypnotic effect.
9. The performers kept a steady beat on the drums and tambourines.
10. The drummers performed an intense drum circle for hours.
11. The drums were his favorite instrument to play.
12. The band's drum solo got the crowd excited and dancing.
13. The beat of the drums seemed to sync up with my heartbeat.
14. You can hear the drums from the parade in the distance.
15. He learned to play the drums by teaching himself.
16. The marching band drumline kept a steady beat as they marched.
17. The veterans played a solemn beat on the bass drums.
18. The drumroll built suspense before the big announcement.
19. The kids started beating on pots and pans like makeshift drums.
20. The drummer kept a hard, driving beat on the snare drum.
21. I could feel the bass drums vibrating through my chest.
22. The tom-toms sounded like the heartbeat of the jungle.
23. The drums were an integral part of the dance performance.
24. The syncopated drum beat got feet tapping and bodies swaying.
25. The rhythmic drumming echoed through the arena.
26. The drummers wore feathered headdresses and painted faces.
27. The student drum corps practiced loudly in the parking lot.
28. The drummer pounded furiously on the skins.
29. He began a solo on the bongo drums.
30. The group incorporated African drums into their musical performance.
31. The drum kit sat in the corner of the music room.
32. The percussion section consisted of drums and tambourines.
33. The drum set took up a whole corner of the garage.
34. The djembe drums joined in to provide an African beat.
35. The parade had a large drum and bugle corps.
36. The drumsticks flew across the drumheads at a blurring speed.
37. They drummed on anything they could find to make noise.
38. The rhythmic beating of the war drums invigorated the soldiers.
39. The drum corps made a thunderous sound as they marched by.
40. The drums provided a powerful tribal beat.
41. The bass drum boomed on every downbeat.
42. The drumline led the parade with a rousing cadence.
43. The drums served as communication devices in the ancient times.
44. The reverberations of the drums shook the walls.
45. The drum solos pumped up the crowd at the concert.
46. The drums accompanied the dancers gracefully.
47. The rhythm of the drums took over her body.
48. The drum set remained set up and ready to play.
49. The drummer played brushes on the snare drum.
50. The conga drums provided a catchy rhythm.
51. He hammered away at the practice pad like an expert drummer.
52. You can hear drums in the distance as the parade approaches.
53. The ceremonial drumming announced the arrival of the chief.
54. The drums echoed through the valley.
55. The pulsing beat of the drums drove the crowd wild.
56. The drumming sped up to a frenzied pace.
57. Their drumming echoed through the canyons.
58. The drumming was hypnotic and mesmerizing.
59. The bass drums rumbled deep in resonance.
60. I could feel the reverberations of the drums in my chest.

Common Phases

1. The drummer played the drums loudly.
2. The beat of the drums filled the air with energy.
3. They danced to the rhythmic beating of the drums.
4. The troops marched to the drumming.
5. She loved to tap the rhythm of the drums on the table with her fingers.
6. The drums summoned the tribe for an important announcement.
7. He pounded the drums angrily.
8. The pounding drums rallied the crowds.
9. They heard the drums in the distance.
10. The drums called people to worship.
11. She taught herself to play the drums as a hobby.
12. The drum corps marched through town beating their drums.
13. The drum solo enthralled the audience.
14. The sound of the drums kept her awake at night.
15. They sang and danced to the drumbeat.
16. The drums echoed through the canyon.
17. The drumming thundered loudly.
18. The tribal ceremony began with the beating of the drums.
19. The drums announced the victory celebration.
20. He listened closely to the rhythmic drumming.
21. Children played on the drums.
22. She spun around and around to the drumming.
23. The man played a fast beat on the djembe drums.
24. The high school marching band had many percussionists playing drums.
25. The native dance was accompanied by traditional drumming.
26. The military band included various types of snare drums.
27. She tapped her fingers in time with the drumming.
28. Bass drums, snare drums and cymbals filled the setlist.
29. The parade had drummers who marched and played instruments.
30. The steady beat of the drumming put him in a trance.
31. Their music relied heavily on the drumming parts.
32. Sticks tapped against the drum skins.
33. The concert included drummers and percussionists playing different drums.
34. Expert drummers can play complex rhythms.
35. The drummers performed intricate polyrhythms.
36. He tested various drum kits and cymbals for balance and resonance.
37. They played the ceremonial rattle drums.
38. Small drums accompanied the large bass drums.
39. The snare drums provided a backbeat rhythm.
40. The drumming came from all directions.
41. She tuned and tightened the taut drum skins.
42. The drummer played traditional rhythms on African djembe drums.
43. The drum solo showcased the drummer's extensive skills.
44. The war drums called out for battle.
45. The drums called people to dance.
46. The bass drum boomed loudly.
47. The drum kit included floor toms and high-hats.
48. The drummer tightened down the tension rods.
49. High-pitched timpani drums joined the bass drums.
50. The snares rattled as he played a quick rhythm.
51. He laid down a steady back beat on the snare drum.
52. She placed mallets on various drums.
53. The bongos accompanied the singing.
54. The drums reverberated with energy.
55. The band had multiple percussionists playing different drums.
56. The children enjoyed tapping out beats on toy drums.
57. The tribal drums echoed their song throughout the night.
58. He played complex beats on various drums.
59. The parade drummers marched and drummed simultaneously.
60. The drummer adjusted the pedals to manipulate the bass drum.

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