Enforceable example sentences

Related (8): binding, valid, applicable, actionable, obligatory, legal, operative, effective

"Enforceable" Example Sentences

1. The contract has enforceable provisions to protect both parties.
2. The company relied on enforceable regulations to maintain workplace safety.
3. The court found the agreement to be enforceable under the law.
4. The new policy must have enforceable consequences to be effective.
5. The government must ensure that its mandates are enforceable.
6. The tenant refused to sign a lease without enforceable tenant rights.
7. The labor union negotiated an enforceable collective bargaining agreement.
8. The contract lacked enforceable penalties for breach of contract.
9. The United Nations works to establish enforceable international laws.
10. The confidentiality agreement was not enforceable because it was not signed.
11. The company policy was not enforceable because it was unclear.
12. The enforceable rules prevented cheating during the game.
13. The law requires all contracts to have enforceable terms and conditions.
14. The company had to create an enforceable code of conduct for its employees.
15. The homeowners' association had enforceable bylaws to regulate the community.
16. The website must have enforceable privacy policies to protect users' data.
17. The government agency implemented enforceable safety regulations for the transportation industry.
18. The city council passed an ordinance to establish enforceable noise regulations.
19. The international treaty required enforceable commitments from all signatories.
20. The mortgage agreement contained enforceable foreclosure clauses.
21. The court deemed the non-compete agreement to be enforceable due to its reasonable terms.
22. The company relied on enforceable non-disclosure agreements to protect its trade secrets.
23. The state established enforceable mandates for energy conservation.
24. The franchise agreement had enforceable territorial restrictions for the franchisee.
25. The contract required enforceable indemnification clauses to protect both parties.
26. The company established enforceable environmental policies to reduce its carbon footprint.
27. The union demanded enforceable wage increases for its members.
28. The landlord had to enforceable eviction rights to remove the tenant for non-payment.
29. The law firm created enforceable contracts to secure the client's intellectual property.
30. The construction company followed enforceable building codes to ensure safety on the job site.

Common Phases

1. The rules must be enforceable; otherwise, they are ineffective.
2. In order for the contract to hold up in court, it must contain enforceable clauses; otherwise, it is not legally binding.
3. The government has the power to create and enforce enforceable laws; otherwise, chaos would ensue.
4. It is important for businesses to have enforceable policies and procedures in place; otherwise, employees may not follow them.
5. The court must determine whether the contract is enforceable under the law; otherwise, it cannot be enforced.
6. In order for a regulation to be effective, it must be clear and enforceable; otherwise, it will not be followed.
7. The police have the authority to enforce enforceable laws; otherwise, there would be no consequences for breaking them.
8. It is essential for the terms of a lease to be enforceable; otherwise, the landlord may not be able to require certain things of the tenant.
9. In order for a code of conduct to be effective, it must contain enforceable principles; otherwise, it is merely a suggestion.
10. The company must have enforceable contracts with their suppliers and clients; otherwise, they may be taken advantage of.

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