Evangelize example sentences

Related (14): convert, proselytize, preach, propagate, promote, crusade, advocate, urge, persuade, influence, inspire, impart, communicate, disciple.

"Evangelize" Example Sentences

1. The preacher was committed to evangelize the entire city.
2. She tried to evangelize her coworkers, but they weren't interested.
3. The missionaries decided to evangelize in a remote village.
4. He felt called to evangelize the young people in his community.
5. The pastor's message was all about the importance of evangelizing.
6. She hoped to evangelize her family members during the holiday season.
7. The church took a group of volunteers to evangelize in the inner city.
8. He used social media to evangelize to his followers.
9. The evangelist travelled across the country to evangelize.
10. She felt it was her duty to evangelize to anyone who would listen.
11. The church held a special event to encourage members to evangelize.
12. He wrote books to evangelize his beliefs to a wider audience.
13. She decided to go on a mission trip to evangelize in a foreign country.
14. The youth group organized an outreach program to evangelize to their peers.
15. He used his platform as a musician to evangelize to his fans.
16. She decided to evangelize to her neighbors by organizing a block party.
17. The pastor encouraged his congregants to evangelize to their friends and family.
18. He believed it was important to evangelize to people of all faiths.
19. She used her testimony to evangelize to others struggling with addiction.
20. The church's evangelism committee met regularly to plan ways to evangelize the community.
21. He trained a group of volunteers on how to effectively evangelize in their neighborhoods.
22. She felt nervous at first, but eventually gained the courage to evangelize to strangers.
23. The evangelist had a powerful message of hope to evangelize to the crowd.
24. He felt that it was his life's purpose to evangelize to the lost.
25. She used creative ways to evangelize to children, such as puppet shows and music.
26. The church held a revival to inspire members to evangelize more intentionally.
27. He hoped to evangelize to people who had never heard of Christianity before.
28. She prayed for opportunities to evangelize to her coworkers.
29. The church started a Bible study program to equip members to evangelize better.
30. He challenged his fellow Christians to be more bold in their efforts to evangelize.

Common Phases

1. We need to evangelize the new product to potential customers; otherwise, they won't know how it can benefit them.
2. The marketing team's main job is to evangelize the brand and increase awareness among the target audience; they have to convince people that it's worth investing in.
3. As an evangelist of sustainability, I always try to evangelize the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment.
4. It's essential to evangelize the company's mission and values to new employees so they can understand what we stand for and how we operate.
5. The CEO's job is to evangelize the company's vision and persuade investors to contribute to our growth and expansion plans.

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