Heart example sentences

Related (18): Love, passion, emotion, blood, soul, courage, empathy, compassion, kindness, generosity, feelings, warmth, tenderness, affection, adoration, devotion, commitment, empathy.

"Heart" Example Sentences

1. The music touched my heart.
2. Her kind words warmed my heart.
3. My heart sank when I heard the bad news.
4. Her smile lit up my heart.
5. I felt a flutter in my heart when I saw him.
6. I wear my heart on my sleeve.
7. She has a kind heart.
8. Their generous donation came from the heart.
9. The storm raged in his heart.
10. The main parts of the heart are the left ventricle, right ventricle, left atrium, and right atrium.
11. The heart pumps blood throughout the body.
12. I follow my heart.
13. My heart beats fast when I'm nervous.
14. She has stolen my heart.
15. I nearly lost my heart.
16. His words warmed my cold heart.
17. My heart skipped a beat.
18. You have my whole heart.
19. I gave my heart to her.
20. She healed my broken heart.
21. With all my heart, I forgive you.
22. They spoke from the heart.
23. Listening to sad music broke my heart.
24. My heart yearns for you.
25. His love filled my heart with joy.
26. I hid my broken heart.
27. He followed his heart and pursued his dreams.
28. I wear my heart on my sleeve.
29. My heart aches for you.
30. I'll love you with all my heart.
31. The thumping of his heart filled the room.
32. She has stolen my heart and soul.
33. His words came straight from the heart.
34. I know you mean it from the heart.
35. My heart was pounding in my chest.
36. I lost my heart to you.
37. The song touched my heart deeply.
38. The sight brought tears to her heart.
39. My heart raced as he approached me.
40. I could listen to her speaking from the heart forever.
41. Their love story warmed my heart.
42. I loved her with all my heart.
43. I speak from the heart.
44. You are the light of my heart.
45. Music touches the heart and soul.
46. His laughter filled my heart with joy.
47. The pain in his heart was evident.
48. My heart tells me that you're the one.
49. She slowly mended my broken heart.
50. Love comes from the heart.
51. Her smile melted his heart.
52. The world needs more love in its heart.
53. I follow my heart's desires.
54. You brought light into my dark heart.
55. My heart is longing for you.
56. I want to give you my heart and love.
57.Your kindness warmed my frozen heart.
58. After all these years, my heart still yearns for you.
59. The music touched my soul and healed my heart.
60. My heart beats only for you.

Common Phases

1. Heart of gold - someone who is kind and generous
2. Bleeding heart - someone who feels compassion for others easily
3. Follow your heart - to act on your deepest feelings and instincts
4. Have a change of heart - to change one's mind or intentions
5. Warm the cockles of one's heart - to bring great pleasure or joy
6. Take it to heart - to feel or think deeply about something
7. Open/pour one's heart out - to reveal one's innermost feelings and secrets
8. Steal someone's heart - to gain someone's love and affection
9. With all my heart - with complete sincerity and intensity of feeling
10. Heart and soul - with complete commitment and dedication
11. Wear your heart on your sleeve - to reveal your feelings openly
12. Heart of stone - someone who lacks compassion
13. Have one's heart in the right place - to mean well despite mistakes
14. Heart-broken - feeling great sorrow from a personal loss
15. Set someone's heart aflutter - to cause someone's heart to beat faster in excitement
16. Warm someone's heart - to please or delight someone deeply
17. Give one's heart to someone - to love someone devotedly
18. Speak from the heart - to speak honestly and sincerely
19. Heart and mind - used to refer to one's whole being or personality
20. My heart goes out to you - I empathize or sympathize with you deeply

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