Illnessn example sentences

Related (10): disease, sickness, ailment, malady, disorder, affliction, condition, infection, virus, bacteria

"Illnessn" Example Sentences

1. Her illness made her bedridden for days.
2. The doctor prescribed medication to treat his illness.
3. Chronic illness can have a significant impact on a person's life.
4. She was diagnosed with a serious illness that required immediate treatment.
5. Mental illness can be just as debilitating as physical illness.
6. I'm sorry to hear about your recent illness.
7. His illness forced him to take a leave of absence from work.
8. She's been struggling with a persistent illness for months.
9. The flu is a common illness that affects many people each year.
10. Certain illnesses can be hereditary and passed down from generation to generation.
11. The illness left her feeling weak and exhausted.
12. A healthy lifestyle can help prevent many illnesses.
13. He's recovering well from his recent illness.
14. The symptoms of her illness began to improve after a few days.
15. She's been taking medication to manage her chronic illness for years.
16. Mental illness stigma can prevent people from seeking help.
17. She underwent extensive treatment to overcome her illness.
18. The illness prevented her from attending the event.
19. A positive attitude can help in the recovery from illness.
20. The illness caused him to lose a significant amount of weight.
21. Certain illnesses can be fatal if left untreated.
22. The illness spread quickly among the group of students.
23. The doctor explained the diagnosis of her illness in great detail.
24. She was forced to resign from her job due to her illness.
25. Chronic illness management requires ongoing medical care and attention.
26. The illness caused her to miss important family events.
27. The illness was a wake-up call for him to take better care of his health.
28. The symptoms of his illness were similar to those of the flu.
29. Genetic testing can identify potential illnesses before they develop.
30. A support system is crucial when dealing with a serious illness.

Common Phases

1. She fell ill last night; I hope she feels better soon.
2. My mother is recovering from her illness; I have to take care of her.
3. He suffered from a chronic illness; it required frequent hospital visits.
4. Many people are affected by mental illness; they need professional help.
5. The flu is a common illness during winter season; it can be prevented by getting vaccinated.
6. Her illness prevented her from attending the meeting; we had to reschedule.
7. Cancer is a serious illness; early detection can save lives.
8. The outbreak of a new illness caused widespread panic; scientists worked tirelessly to find a cure.
9. Some illnesses are hereditary; it's important to know your family medical history.
10. The pandemic led to a surge in mental illness cases; mental health services were overwhelmed.

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