Labors example sentences

Related (13): work, effort, toil, exertion, drudgery, sweat, struggle, hardship, fatigue, slog, laboriousness, industry, diligence.


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labors (plural noun)

  - work, especially hard physical work:

  - workers, especially manual workers, considered collectively:

  - manual workers considered as a social class or political force:

  - a department of government concerned with a nation's workforce:

  - (in the UK or Canada) the Labour Party:

  - the process of childbirth, especially the period from the start of uterine contractions to delivery:

  - work hard; make great effort:

  - work at an unskilled manual occupation:

  - till (the ground):

  - have difficulty in doing something despite working hard:

  - move or proceed with difficulty:

  - (of an engine) work noisily and with difficulty:

  - (of a ship) roll or pitch heavily:

  - (of a woman in childbirth) be in labor:


task, job, chore, undertaking, mission, commission, assignment, workers, employees, workmen, workforce, staff, hands, laborers, proletariat, manpower, personnel, liveware, management, childbirth, birth, birthing, delivery, nativity, contractions, parturition, confinement, accouchement, childbed, travail, toil, struggle, strive, overwork, drudge, travail, moil, rest, relax, laze, strive, struggle, endeavor, work, fight, push, lurch, plunge, roll, reel, sway, rock, flounder, keel, list, wallow, pitchpole, Legal

"Labors" Example Sentences

1. She labors all day in the fields.
2. The workers labored for hours to complete the project.
3. The mother labored for several hours before giving birth.
4. The singer labored over her new album for months.
5. The construction worker labored in the hot sun all day.
6. The writer labored over each sentence in his novel.
7. The artist labored over the details of each brush stroke.
8. The chef labored over the intricate dessert recipe.
9. The athlete labored through the final lap of the race.
10. The mechanic labored to fix the broken engine.
11. The surgeon labored through the lengthy operation.
12. The scientist labored over the experiment results.
13. The farmer labored to harvest the crops.
14. The janitor labored to clean the entire building.
15. The teacher labored over lesson plans for the upcoming week.
16. The student labored through the difficult math problem.
17. The musician labored over the piece before performance.
18. The firefighter labored to extinguish the blazing fire.
19. The goalkeeper labored to defend his team's goal.
20. The painter labored to capture the perfect lighting.
21. The actor labored to memorize his lines for the play.
22. The doctor labored to diagnose the patient's illness.
23. The police officer labored to solve the complex case.
24. The volunteer labored to assist those in need.
25. The entrepreneur labored to start a successful business.
26. The athlete labored to maintain her fitness routine.
27. The artist labored to create a masterpiece for the gallery.
28. The entrepreneur labored to develop a new product for the market.
29. The scientist labored to discover a breakthrough in his research.
30. The coach labored to train his team for the upcoming game.

Common Phases

1. The labors of Hercules; were thought to be impossible to accomplish.
2. The labors of love; are often the most rewarding.
3. The labors of the miners; allowed for the discovery of precious metals.
4. The labors of the construction workers; resulted in the building of a new skyscraper.
5. The labors of the agricultural workers; ensured a bountiful harvest.
6. The labors of the researchers; led to important scientific discoveries.
7. The labors of the firefighters; saved countless lives.
8. The labors of the teachers; helped shape the minds of future generations.
9. The labors of the artists; produced beautiful and inspiring works.
10. The labors of the athletes; led to impressive performances and victories.

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