Magnates example sentences

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"Magnates" Example Sentences

1. The magnates of Wall Street were known for their wealth and power.
2. The oil magnates were some of the richest people in the world.
3. The shipping magnate had vast fleets of ships all over the world.
4. The railway magnate built a vast network of tracks across the country.
5. The business magnate had a reputation for being ruthless in business deals.
6. The media magnate owned several major newspapers and television stations.
7. The hotel magnate owned luxurious hotels all around the world.
8. The tech magnate founded a company that became a household name.
9. The sports magnate owned several major sports teams and stadiums.
10. The fashion magnate was known for their stylish designs and high-end clothing lines.
11. The casino magnate built massive resorts and hotels in Las Vegas.
12. The music magnate owned a record label that launched the careers of many famous artists.
13. The real estate magnate owned some of the most expensive properties in the world.
14. The manufacturing magnate had factories all over the world producing a wide range of products.
15. The automobile magnate founded a car company that became one of the biggest in the world.
16. The aerospace magnate launched several successful satellites and rockets into space.
17. The diamond magnate owned some of the most valuable gems in the world.
18. The philanthropic magnate donated millions of dollars to various charities and causes.
19. The energy magnate owned several major power plants and utilities.
20. The agricultural magnate owned vast swaths of farmland and was a major producer of food.
21. The pharmaceutical magnate owned several major drug companies and held patents on important medications.
22. The diamond mining magnate controlled a large portion of the world's diamond trade.
23. The financial magnate was known for their savvy investments and ability to make money.
24. The steel magnate built an empire in steel production that dominated the industry for decades.
25. The investment magnate made a fortune buying and selling stocks and other securities.
26. The hotel and casino magnate owned several properties in popular tourist destinations.
27. The shipping and logistics magnate controlled the movement of goods all around the world.
28. The media and publishing magnate owned several major magazines and newspapers.
29. The real estate and development magnate built entire cities from scratch.
30. The technology and software magnate founded a company that revolutionized the way people use computers.

Common Phases

1. The magnates of the tech industry are constantly innovating; they drive progress in the world.
2. Many magnates have accumulated vast fortunes through shrewd business dealings; others inherited their wealth.
3. The magnates of the oil industry wield significant power over international politics; they have influence over many governments.
4. Throughout history, magnates have sought to expand their empires; some have been successful, while others have failed.
5. The magnates of the entertainment industry are responsible for creating our most beloved films and music; they shape our culture.

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