Perverten example sentences

Related (4): Fetish, degenerate, obscenity, indecency

"Perverten" Example Sentences

1. The perverten was arrested for exposing himself in public.
2. I don't want to go out with that perverten from the bar last night.
3. My neighbor is a perverten who likes to spy on me through the window.
4. It's disturbing how some people find pleasure in being perverten.
5. She accused him of being a perverten when he tried to touch her inappropriately.
6. The perverten was kicked out of the club for harassing other customers.
7. He was labeled as a perverten after sending explicit messages to his coworker.
8. Parents should teach their children how to recognize a perverten and stay away from them.
9. The perverten made inappropriate comments about the waitress's body.
10. I can't stand the perverten next to me who keeps breathing heavily and staring at me.
11. The perverten was caught stealing women's underwear from the laundromat.
12. The perverten harassed his ex-girlfriend with unwanted sexual advances.
13. You can't change a perverten's behavior with just one intervention.
14. It's scary to think that a perverten might be watching you without your knowledge.
15. We need to expose and punish perverten who prey on vulnerable people.
16. I'm not giving my number to that perverten who keeps following me around.
17. The perverten was fired from his job for making lewd comments to his colleagues.
18. She started carrying pepper spray in case she ever ran into a perverten on the street.
19. No one should have to endure the harassment of a perverten in the workplace.
20. The perverten was banned from the gym for filming women in the locker room.
21. The victim reported the perverten to the police, hoping to prevent others from being hurt.
22. I wish there was a way to tell if someone is a perverten just by looking at them.
23. The perverten's behavior disgusted everyone around him, but no one knew how to stop him.
24. She felt ashamed and violated after being touched by a perverten on the subway.
25. The perverten's reputation preceded him wherever he went.
26. It's important to speak out against perverten and not let them get away with their actions.
27. The perverten pleaded guilty to the charges against him and was sentenced to prison.
28. She was afraid to go to the police because she didn't think they would take her perverten seriously.
29. The perverten's obsession with young girls was a cause for concern among his acquaintances.
30. I can't believe he's trying to deny being a perverten after what he did to me.

Common Phases

1. Stop perverting my words; you know that's not what I meant.
2. He's always perverting the truth to suit his own interests.
3. Don't pervert the course of justice by tampering with evidence.
4. The media often perverts the facts to sensationalize a story.
5. It's disgusting how some men pervert innocent actions into sexual advances.
6. Some people pervert religion to justify their intolerant beliefs.
7. She accused him of perverting her intentions with his manipulative behavior.
8. The hacker attempted to pervert the company's computer system for personal gain.
9. The dictator sought to pervert the democratic process by rigging elections.
10. The artist used abstract forms to pervert traditional expectations of beauty.

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