Scaffolded example sentences

Related (10): support, structure, framework, gradual, progressive, hierarchical, step-by-step, guided, assisted, facilitated.

"Scaffolded" Example Sentences

1. The students easily completed the project because their teacher had scaffolded the assignment.
2. The construction workers were carefully assembling the scaffolding for the new building.
3. The coach scaffolded the training sessions to gradually increase the team's endurance.
4. The designer used scaffolding to create a mock-up of the final product.
5. The teacher scaffolded the lesson by breaking it down into manageable parts for the students.
6. The workers were making repairs on the scaffold that had been damaged in the storm.
7. The event coordinators used scaffolded planning to ensure everything was organized and on schedule.
8. The artist used scaffolding while painting the mural on the side of the building.
9. The company had to bring in additional scaffolding to reach the top of the skyscraper.
10. The teacher scaffolded the writing assignment by providing graphic organizers and examples.
11. The builders erected the scaffolding around the entire perimeter of the building.
12. The students were able to grasp the difficult concept thanks to the teacher's scaffolded explanation.
13. The carpenter carefully climbed up the scaffold to measure the space where the window would go.
14. The scaffolding was installed and secured before the painters began their work.
15. The teacher scaffolded the research project by providing resources and guiding questions.
16. The workers used safety harnesses while working on the scaffold, ensuring no one would fall.
17. The coach scaffolded the play strategy by breaking it down into small steps for the team to follow.
18. The crew disassembled the scaffolding after the job was finished and loaded it onto the truck.
19. The teacher scaffolded the presentation by giving students an outline and specific objectives to meet.
20. The artist climbed up the scaffold to add intricate details to the mural.
21. The workers carefully checked the scaffold for any weak points before beginning their tasks.
22. The students were able to work collaboratively thanks to the teacher's scaffolded group activities.
23. The coach scaffolded the conditioning drills, gradually increasing the intensity over time.
24. The builders had to adjust the height of the scaffold to reach different levels of the building.
25. The teacher scaffolded the reading comprehension by providing questions and clarifying key vocabulary.
26. The workers used a pulley system to move heavy materials up to the scaffold.
27. The company had to rent additional scaffolding to accommodate the large team of workers.
28. The teacher scaffolded the math problem by showing step-by-step solutions and providing practice problems.
29. The window washers used a specially designed scaffold to clean the high-rise windows.
30. The students were more confident in their writing abilities after completing the scaffolded assignments.

Common Phases

1. The lesson was scaffolded to ensure that all students could participate and learn;
2. The project was scaffolded with clear checkpoints and deadlines to help the team stay on track;
3. Throughout the course, assignments were scaffolded with increasing levels of difficulty to challenge and support students;
4. The reading comprehension activity was scaffolded with graphic organizers and guided questions to help students understand the text;
5. The writing assignment was scaffolded with brainstorming, outlining, and drafting activities to guide students through the writing process.

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