Sorrow example sentences

Related (19): grief, sadness, heartache, woe, regret, mourning, anguish, despair, pain, misery, affliction, agony, lamentation, torment, suffering, tribulation, bereavement, depression, disappointment

"Sorrow" Example Sentences

1. She wept with sorrow at the loss of her child.
2. His face was etched with sorrow.
3. The sorrow in her eyes was heartbreaking.
4. Their grieving filled the air with sorrow.
5. Her sorrow turned to anger.
6. The song expressed deep sorrow and longing.
7. His brow furrowed with sorrow at the news.
8. Her eyes brimmed with sorrowful tears.
9. Her sorrow turned to bitterness over time.
10. Sorrow weighed heavy on his heart.
11. The sad song evoked feelings of sorrow.
12. He wept bitter tears of sorrow.
13. I can see your sorrow in your smile.
14. Voicing her sorrow helped ease her pain.
15. His face contorted with sorrow.
16. His sorrow turned to despair.
17. She felt suffocated by her own sorrow.
18. Sorrow engulfed her at the mere mention of his name.
19. The depths of her sorrow surprised him.
20. Her sorrow began to lift with time.
21. They grieved together, easing each other's sorrow.
22. Her sorrow slowly turned to acceptance.
23. Words could not express her depth of sorrow.
24. Feeling her touch, he broke down in deep sorrow.
25. Sorrow permeated the air like a thick fog.
26. The grief etched on his face betrayed his deep sorrow.
27. Her sorrow turned inward, hardening into bitterness.
28. Melancholy had settled over him like a shroud of sorrow.
29. His sorrow melted into relief at seeing her alive.
30. Sorrow clung to him like an unwanted parasite.
31. Her sorrow softened into wistfulness in time.
32. Sadness and sorrow weighed heavily upon him.
33. Her face showed no sorrow, just blank apathy.
34. Years of sorrow had left their mark on her face.
35. Her sorrow slowly transformed into resignation.
36. Tears flowed freely, washing away some of her sorrow.
37. Sorrow gripped her heart with an icy fist.
38. She drowned her sorrow in alcohol.
39. Their sorrow turned to relief upon seeing her alive.
40. The melodies expressed feelings of profound sorrow.
41. Slowly, her sorrow began easing with time.
42. Her sorrow turned inward, hardening into bitterness.
43. He comforted her in her time of sorrow.
44. Seeing her sorrow, he longed to take away her pain.
45. Melancholy had settled over her like a shroud of sorrow.
46. The song arose from a place of deep sorrow.
47. Tears of sorrow flowed down her cheeks.
48. Her face showed no sorrow, just blank apathy.
49. An air of sorrow hung over the room.
50. Her pain slowly transformed into sorrowful acceptance.
51. Laughter helped lift some of their sorrow.
52. Their sorrow slowly eased into resignation.
53. Sadness and sorrow seemed etched onto her face.
54. The kindness of strangers helped ease her sorrow.
55. Her sorrow finally began lifting with time.
56. Sorrow had etched lines of suffering on his face.
57. His sorrow had turned inward, hardening into bitterness.
58. Tears of sorrow flowed from her eyes.
59. Sorrow enveloped her like a heavy fog.
60. His sorrow turned to joy at seeing her alive.

Common Phases

1. Her sorrow at his death was immeasurable.
2. The loss left them filled with deep sorrow.
3. He wept tears of sorrow.
4. The sad news brought great sorrow to their hearts.
5. Sorrow clouded her face.
6. I cannot ease your sorrow.
7. Her pain and sorrow were more than she could bear.
8. The years had not lessened her sorrow.
9. She wept bitter tears of sorrow.
10. The tragedy caused great sorrow throughout the community.
11. He tried to console her in her time of sorrow.
12. The magnitude of her sorrow was startling.
13. Sympathy could not lessen her burden of sorrow.
14. He tried to comfort her in her time of sorrow.
15. Her face was streaked with tears of sorrow.
16. I share your sorrow.
17. The family continues to grieve their great sorrow.
18. The memories brought back all her old sorrow.
19. Sorrow filled his heart.
20. They grieved together in their mutual sorrow.
21. Her life was clouded by sorrow.
22. Their sorrow turned to joy at his return.
23. You cannot drown your sorrow in wine.
24. Singing could not lift her spirits from her deep sorrow.
25. They mourned together in their shared sorrow.
26. There are no words to ease my sorrow.
27. She was overwhelmed with sorrow.
28. Her nights were filled with sorrow and grief.
29. Times of sorrow reveal true friends.
30.The memory still brings sorrow to my heart.
31. Only time could lessen her unspeakable sorrow.
32. The loss caused her inconsolable sorrow.
33. Her eyes were red from crying her sorrow.
34. The news brought them sorrow and anguish.
35. She grieved in her sorrow.
36. The shadows of sorrow never quite left her.
37. Their room was filled with the sounds of sorrow.
38. The pain of sorrow never quite left her.
39. They mourned in their separate sorrows.
40. I share your burden of sorrow.
41. Their lives were clouded by sorrow.
42. Her sorrow knows no bounds.
43. Strangers offered condolences for her sorrow.
44. She wore a perpetual mask of sorrow.
45. Their collective sorrow filled the room.
46. No words could ease her inconsolable sorrow.
47. Songs lifted her spirits from her sorrow.
48. Their mutual sorrow brought them together.
49. The tragedy caused universal sorrow.
50. Winter seemed to match her perpetual sorrow.
51. They commiserated in their shared sorrow.
52. Her spirit was broken by her sorrow.
53. The tale brought back all her old sorrows.
54. The loss left her inconsolable with sorrow.
55. His presence eased some of her sorrow.
56. Their room echoed with sounds of sorrow.
57. The sorrow weighed heavy on her heart.
58. His smile could not lift her spirit from sorrow.
59. Her cries filled the night air with sorrow.
60. Her eyes reflected the depth of her sorrow.

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