Swath example sentences

Related (10): field, strip, expanse, band, tract, area, span, stretch, portion, breadth

"Swath" Example Sentences

1. The farmer cut a swath through the cornfield with his tractor.
2. Hurricane Harvey left a large swath of destruction in its wake.
3. The painter painted a swath of blue across the canvas.
4. The athlete ran a swath around the track.
5. The hiker blazed a new swath through the forest.
6. The lawn mower left a perfectly manicured swath on the lawn.
7. The tornado carved a swath through the town.
8. The politician promised to cut a swath through government bureaucracy.
9. The construction crew cleared a swath of land for the new building.
10. The skier made a graceful swath through the fresh powder.
11. The artist drew a swath of flowers in her sketchbook.
12. The gardener planted a swath of tulips in the flower bed.
13. The plane flew over a swath of dense forest.
14. The logger cut a wide swath through the old growth forest.
15. The rapper's lyrics cut a swath through the music industry.
16. The storm left a swath of debris scattered across the street.
17. The scientist conducted experiments to study the effect of a swath of chemicals on the environment.
18. The architect designed a building that cut a swath of modernity through the historic district.
19. The farmer plowed a swath through the field for the irrigation system.
20. The photographer captured a beautiful swath of sunlight across the landscape.
21. The road crew paved a wide swath of highway through the mountains.
22. The fashion designer created a new collection that cut a swath through the fashion world.
23. The artist painted a swath of color across the canvas in a bold, sweeping stroke.
24. The real estate developer cleared a swath of land for the new housing development.
25. The construction workers dug a swath through the earth for the new foundation.
26. The storm left a swath of destruction, tearing off roofs and uprooting trees.
27. The runner cut a swath through the pack, easily passing her competitors.
28. The writer's words cut a swath through the empty silence of the room.
29. The DJ mixed a swath of electronic beats, mesmerizing the crowd.
30. The ocean liner cut a swath through the waves, barreling towards its destination.

Common Phases

1. The survey was conducted in a swath pattern;
2. The ship cut a swath through the ocean;
3. The farmers planted the field in swaths;
4. The tornado left a swath of destruction in its wake;
5. The mower cut a swath through the tall grass;
6. The satellite captured an image of the swath of land;
7. The snow blower cleared a swath down the driveway;
8. The loggers cut a swath through the forest;
9. The aircraft sprayed a swath of pesticide over the crops;
10. The hurricane left a wide swath of damage along the coast.

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