Unmercifulness example sentences

Related (7): cruelty, pitilessness, harshness, severity, mercilessness, brutality, ruthlessness.


[ˌənˈmərsəfəlnəs] ✕ Play

  - noun form of unmerciful


[ˌənˈmərsəf(ə)l] ✕ Play

unmerciful (adjective)

  - cruel or harsh; showing no mercy:


unmerciful, ruthless, cruel, harsh, merciless, pitiless, unpitying, remorseless, hard, callous, brutal, brutish, severe, rigorous, draconian, unrelenting, unforgiving, unsparing, barbarous, savage, inhumane, inhuman, stony, heartless, cutthroat, unsympathetic, unfeeling, illiberal, uncharitable, inflexible, intolerant, rigid, stern, strict, punishing, sadistic, merciful, Legal

"Unmercifulness" Example Sentences

1. Her unmercifulness towards her employees led to high turnover rates.
2. The unmercifulness of the drought left farmers struggling to make ends meet.
3. He was shocked by the unmercifulness of the punishment handed down by the judge.
4. The unmercifulness of the storm destroyed entire towns along the coast.
5. His unmercifulness in business negotiations earned him a reputation as a ruthless businessman.
6. The unmercifulness of the disease left her bedridden for months.
7. She showed unmercifulness towards her opponents during the heated debate.
8. The unmercifulness of the army's attack led to many civilian casualties.
9. His unmercifulness towards his family caused them great distress.
10. The unmercifulness with which he criticized others made him very unpopular among his colleagues.
11. The unmercifulness of the prison guards caused the inmates to revolt.
12. She was appalled by the unmercifulness of the factory owners towards their workers.
13. His unmercifulness towards his competition ensured that he always came out on top.
14. The unmercifulness of the wildfire caused widespread devastation across the region.
15. She was known for her unmercifulness towards those who crossed her.
16. The unmercifulness of the coach's training regime left the athletes exhausted and injured.
17. He couldn't believe the unmercifulness of the tax collector when it came to collecting unpaid taxes.
18. The unmercifulness of the desert environment made survival difficult for the stranded explorers.
19. She was horrified by the unmercifulness of the slaughterhouse workers towards the animals.
20. The unmercifulness of the avalanche caught the skiers off guard and led to several deaths.
21. His unmercifulness towards his subordinates caused many of them to fear him.
22. The unmercifulness of the judge's sentencing left the defendant in shock.
23. She was known for her unmercifulness in dealing with dishonest employees.
24. The unmercifulness of the traffic during rush hour made commuting a nightmare.
25. His unmercifulness towards his own body led to serious health problems later in life.
26. The unmercifulness of the heatwave caused widespread blackouts and water shortages.
27. She couldn't believe the unmercifulness of the hunters towards the endangered animals.
28. The unmercifulness of the sea during the storm caused several ships to capsize.
29. His unmercifulness towards his opponents made him a feared player on the basketball court.
30. The unmercifulness of the blizzard led to roads being closed and travel bans being issued.

Common Phases

1. He showed no unmercifulness towards his opponent; he simply outplayed him fair and square.
2. The unmercifulness of the storm left the town devastated; houses were destroyed and people were left homeless.
3. The unmercifulness of her words cut him deeply; his heart shattered into a million pieces.
4. The unmercifulness of the dictator towards his people resulted in widespread suffering; hunger and poverty became commonplace.
5. The unmercifulness of the punishment shocked the community; many felt it was far too harsh for the crime committed.

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