Unsurprising example sentences

Related (10): predictable, expected, anticlimactic, typical, routine, mundane, ordinary, customary, standard, run-of-the-mill

"Unsurprising" Example Sentences

1. The outcome of the experiment was unsurprising.
2. It is unsurprising that he won the race, he is a skilled athlete.
3. The fact that it rained on our camping trip was unsurprising given the forecast.
4. Her decision to quit her job was unsurprising considering the poor working conditions.
5. It was unsurprising to learn that the company went bankrupt due to mismanagement.
6. The final score of the game was unsurprising given the team's previous performances.
7. The news of the politician's scandal was unsurprising given their past behavior.
8. The cat's love of fish was unsurprising since it is a natural predator.
9. It was unsurprising that the flowers didn't survive the winter, as they were not suited to the climate.
10. The movie's ending was unsurprising, following the typical Hollywood formula.
11. Her lack of progress in her studies was unsurprising, as she had not been putting in the required effort.
12. The team's defeat was unsurprising, as they were facing a stronger opponent.
13. The book's predictable plot was unsurprising, but still enjoyable to read.
14. It was unsurprising that the restaurant was empty, given its poor reviews.
15. His remarks at the conference were unsurprising, as he had been advocating for the same ideas for years.
16. The company's decision to merge with their competitor was unsurprising, given the current market conditions.
17. The discovery of oil in the region was unsurprising, as it had been suspected for years.
18. The teacher's disappointment in the student's performance was unsurprising, given their lack of effort.
19. It was unsurprising that the airplane was delayed due to inclement weather.
20. The result of the election was unsurprising, as the incumbent was a popular candidate.
21. Her success in the art world was unsurprising, given her talent and hard work.
22. The failure of the business was unsurprising, as the product did not meet consumer needs.
23. The athlete's injury was unsurprising, given the intense nature of their sport.
24. The student's poor grades were unsurprising, as they had been struggling with the material all semester.
25. The company's financial losses were unsurprising, given their risky investment strategies.
26. The musician's resignation from the band was unsurprising, as they had been expressing dissatisfaction for months.
27. The team's victory was unsurprising, as they had been dominating their opponents throughout the season.
28. The accident was unsurprising, given the dangerous driving conditions at the time.
29. The company's bankruptcy was unsurprising, as they had been struggling financially for years.
30. Their decision to cancel the event was unsurprising, given the low ticket sales.

Common Phases

1. It's unsurprising that he didn't show up; he's always been unreliable.
2. The result was unsurprising given the team's poor performance; they clearly need to work on their strategy.
3. It's unsurprising that I didn't get the job; the competition was fierce and I wasn't as qualified as some of the other candidates.
4. Her lack of preparation was unsurprising given her tendency to procrastinate; she always leaves things until the last minute.
5. It's unsurprising that the restaurant was busy on a Friday night; it's a popular spot for locals.

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