Vampirism example sentences

Related (21): bloodsucking, undead, supernatural, immortality, fangs, garlic, darkness, coffins, bats, Nosferatu, Dracula, Twilight, Stake, Werewolf, Gothic, Curse, Thirst, Count, Trauma, Cult, Horror.

"Vampirism" Example Sentences

1. The horror novel was centered around the theme of vampirism.
2. He became obsessed with the history of vampirism.
3. The medical examiner noted strange puncture marks on the victim's neck, suggesting possible vampirism.
4. She dressed up as a vampire for Halloween, embracing the allure of vampirism.
5. The movie portrayed a different take on traditional vampirism.
6. The legends of vampirism have been told for centuries.
7. The vampire's thirst for blood is a crucial component of vampirism lore.
8. She wrote a research paper on the cultural significance of vampirism in modern society.
9. The character's transformation into a vampire marked the beginning of her struggle with vampirism.
10. He was fascinated by the vampire's ability to manipulate human emotions, a fundamental aspect of modern-day vampirism.
11. The novel's protagonist was a vampire hunter, searching for a way to eradicate vampirism.
12. The ancient text described the rituals and spells necessary to cure vampirism.
13. The vampire refused to embrace the violent nature of vampirism, instead choosing to lead a peaceful life.
14. The vampire's bite was symbolic of the seductive nature of vampirism.
15. She watched news reports about a series of brutal attacks believed to be linked to vampirism.
16. The young girl had an irrational fear of vampirism, often imagining herself being attacked by vampires in her dreams.
17. He believed that vampires were the key to unlocking the secrets of vampirism.
18. The vampire's hunger for blood was a metaphor for addiction, highlighting the darker aspects of vampirism.
19. A secret society dedicated to eradicating vampirism began to gain popularity in the town.
20. She studied the transformation of Dracula into a vampire, examining the psychological implications of vampirism.
21. The isolated town became a breeding ground for vampirism, with reports of attacks increasing by the day.
22. The book explored the nuances of vampirism, from the effect of sunlight on vampires to their ability to transform into bats.
23. She stumbled upon a hidden chamber in the castle, filled with artifacts related to the history of vampirism.
24. The vampire's charm and suave demeanor was a hallmark of the modern-day portrayal of vampirism.
25. They formed a pseudo-religion around the idea of vampirism, with ceremonies and rituals dedicated to paying homage to their favorite vampires.
26. The government formed a task force to investigate the spread of vampirism in the city.
27. The vampire's heightened senses and ability to regenerate were key components of vampirism.
28. She researched the origins of vampirism, tracing it back to ancient folklore from various cultures.
29. The movie's protagonist was a vampire struggling to come to terms with the consequences of embracing vampirism.
30. The character's decision to become a vampire marked the beginning of his journey into the world of vampirism.

Common Phases

1. The act of vampirism;
2. His vampirism was obvious from his pale complexion and bloodshot eyes;
3. She was curious about the world of vampirism;
4. Vampirism has been a staple in horror literature for centuries;
5. The allure of vampirism is both seductive and terrifying;
6. The darkness of vampirism is a powerful draw for some people;
7. The idea of immortality through vampirism is both enticing and frightening;
8. Many people are fascinated by the mythology surrounding vampirism;
9. She was intrigued by the possibility of exchanging her life for vampirism;
10. The portrayal of vampirism in popular culture has created a lasting fascination with the undead.

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