Volunteers example sentences

Related (10): helpers, contributing, donors, aiders, assistants, supporters, philanthropists, benefactors, patrons, freelancers

"Volunteers" Example Sentences

1. The nonprofit organization is looking for volunteers to help with their upcoming fundraiser.
2. The hospital relies heavily on the hard work and dedication of its volunteers.
3. The community center has a high demand for volunteers to assist with their youth programs.
4. The animal shelter is always in need of more volunteers to help care for the animals.
5. The fire department is made up entirely of volunteers.
6. The event could not have been successful without the tireless efforts of its volunteers.
7. Many volunteers showed up to help clean up after the hurricane.
8. The organization provides transportation for volunteers who cannot drive.
9. The school is trying to create a culture of volunteerism among its students.
10. The Red Cross has a team of trained volunteers ready to respond to natural disasters.
11. The festival attracts thousands of visitors each year, thanks in part to the hard work of its volunteers.
12. The local park is kept clean and beautiful thanks to the efforts of volunteers.
13. The food bank relies on donations and volunteers to provide for those in need.
14. The volunteers worked together to build a playground for the local children.
15. The hospital auxiliary is a group of dedicated volunteers that provides support to patients and families.
16. The church organizes regular volunteer events to give back to the community.
17. The hospice program would not be possible without volunteers to provide companionship and support to patients.
18. The museum offers a variety of opportunities for volunteers to get involved and contribute to its mission.
19. The environmental group relies on volunteers to help with beach cleanups and tree planting.
20. The literacy program provides one-on-one tutoring for students with the help of volunteers.
21. The soup kitchen serves meals to those in need every day, thanks to the generosity of volunteers.
22. The wildlife sanctuary provides a safe haven for animals with the help of its dedicated volunteers.
23. The disaster relief organization sends volunteers to affected areas to provide aid and support.
24. The theater company would not be able to put on productions without the help of its volunteers.
25. The community garden is kept thriving thanks to the hard work of volunteers.
26. The charity organization relies on volunteers to help collect and distribute donations.
27. The afterschool program offers a safe and enriching environment for children with the help of volunteers.
28. The animal rescue organization saves countless lives with the help of its dedicated volunteers.
29. The music festival is run entirely by volunteers who love music and want to share it with others.
30. The volunteer fire department responds to emergencies in the community and saves lives every day.

Common Phases

you need any help cleaning up the park; can you assist with setting up the event; would anyone like to join me in delivering meals to the elderly; who can help distribute flyers in the neighborhood; we're looking for volunteers to participate in the charity walk; can anyone help with organizing the school fundraiser; we need volunteers to plant trees in the community garden; let's form a group of volunteers to tutor children after school; who is willing to join the beach cleanup crew; can anyone donate their time to assist with animal shelter duties.

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