Welding example sentences

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"Welding" Example Sentences

1. Tom's job involves doing welding on a daily basis.
2. Welding is a useful skill to have in the construction industry.
3. The welding machine was too heavy for Jane to lift on her own.
4. The sparks from the welding lit up the dark room.
5. Aaron applied for a welding job at the local factory.
6. The welding equipment was old and needed to be replaced.
7. The welding instructor taught his students the proper techniques and safety measures.
8. The welding sparks landed on the worker's clothing, causing a small fire.
9. The welding company offered on-site repairs and maintenance services.
10. Sarah used a welding torch to fix the broken railing.
11. The welding work was completed on time and within budget.
12. The welding fumes were making the workers feel sick, so they had to wear masks.
13. The welding rod was too thin for the job at hand.
14. Mike's dad had been a professional welder for over 20 years and taught him the ins and outs of welding.
15. The welding helmet protected the worker's eyes from harmful UV rays.
16. Derek used his welding skills to create a custom-made metal sign for his friend.
17. The welding process creates a strong bond between two pieces of metal.
18. The welding sparks flew everywhere as the workers tried to finish the project before the deadline.
19. The welding job required precision and attention to detail.
20. The welding workshop was well equipped with all the necessary tools and machines.
21. The welding certification program required a certain amount of hours of practice and training.
22. The welding job was a dangerous one, so only experienced workers were allowed to do it.
23. The welding seam was smooth and flawless after the work was completed.
24. Jake's hobby was welding, and he enjoyed creating metal sculptures in his free time.
25. The welding project required several different types of welding techniques to be used.
26. The welding sparks caused a small explosion, but luckily no one was injured.
27. The welding process was loud and noisy, so ear protection was required.
28. The welding job had to be done in a well-ventilated area to prevent the accumulation of harmful gases.
29. The welding beads were perfectly aligned, indicating that the worker was skilled at his craft.
30. The welding materials were carefully chosen to ensure that the final product would be strong and durable.

Common Phases

1. Preparing workpieces;
2. Setting up the welding equipment;
3. Selecting and preparing the welding rod;
4. Striking the arc;
5. Melting the workpieces together;
6. Monitoring the welding progress;
7. Adjusting the welding parameters;
8. Cooling down the welded material;
9. Cleaning the welded joint;
10. Testing the quality of the weld.

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