Wiktionary example sentences

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"Wiktionary" Example Sentences

1. I always check the definition of a new word on wiktionary before using it in a sentence.
2. Wiktionary is a free online dictionary and thesaurus that I use all the time.
3. My English teacher suggested that we use wiktionary as a resource for our vocabulary assignments.
4. There are over 6 million entries on wiktionary in English alone!
5. Wiktionary has entries in over 170 languages.
6. If you're not sure how to spell a word, just type it into wiktionary and it will correct you.
7. Wiktionary is one of the most comprehensive and accurate dictionaries available online.
8. When I want to learn a new word, I always start by looking it up on wiktionary.
9. Some people prefer wiktionary to other online dictionaries because it's free and open source.
10. In addition to its dictionary entries, wiktionary contains information on the origins and usage of words.
11. If you're a linguist or language enthusiast, you'll love exploring wiktionary's vast collection of words and definitions.
12. Wiktionary is constantly updated with new entries and revisions to existing ones.
13. Thanks to wiktionary, I now know that 'defenestrate' means to throw someone or something out of a window.
14. I often use wiktionary to look up words that I come across while reading.
15. One of the great things about wiktionary is that it provides multiple definitions and examples for many words.
16. The entry for 'love' on wiktionary includes over 50 different senses of the word.
17. Wiktionary's entries often include audio pronunciation guides and translations in other languages.
18. When I'm playing Scrabble, I use wiktionary to check if a word is valid before playing it.
19. If you're writing an academic paper, it's a good idea to cite wiktionary as a source for definitions.
20. Wiktionary is a collaborative effort, with volunteers from all around the world contributing to its entries.
21. Wiktionary even has entries for slang words and internet memes.
22. When I'm learning a new language, I use wiktionary to expand my vocabulary.
23. The best thing about wiktionary is that it's free and accessible to anyone with an internet connection.
24. Wiktionary is a valuable resource for anyone who works with language or enjoys words.
25. If you're ever unsure about the meaning of a word, just type it into wiktionary and you'll find your answer.
26. Wiktionary's example sentences are a great way to see how a word is used in context.
27. I use wiktionary to create vocabulary lists for my English language learners.
28. Wiktionary's entries provide a wealth of information beyond just the definition of a word.
29. Wiktionary is a great tool for improving your vocabulary and understanding of language.
30. Whenever I come across a word I don't know, my first instinct is to look it up on wiktionary.

Common Phases

1. A penny for your thoughts;
2. A picture is worth a thousand words;
3. All of the above;
4. An apple a day keeps the doctor away;
5. As cool as a cucumber;
6. As easy as pie;
7. Back to square one;
8. Beat around the bush;
9. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder;
10. Better late than never;
11. Bite the bullet;
12. Break a leg;
13. By the book;
14. Call a spade a spade;
15. Clean slate;
16. Close but no cigar;
17. Come rain or shine;
18. Cry wolf;
19. Curiosity killed the cat;
20. Cut to the chase.

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