Wines example sentences

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"Wines" Example Sentences

1. The vineyard produced several fine wines each year.
2. We sampled some delicious red and white wines at the restaurant.
3. The wine list included many varietals from around the world.
4. The vineyard specialized in producing award-winning Cabernet wines.
5. She studied winemaking and the production of French wines in Bordeaux.
6. The party featured an assortment of sangrias and sparkling wines.
7. The label produces reasonably-priced wines from small vineyards.
8. I prefer dry red wines like Pinot Noir and Malbec.
9. The chef paired each course with complementary wines.
10. The wine connoisseur can talk for hours about French wines.
11. They make delicious fruit wines at their vineyard upstate.
12. The bartender recommended a dry white wine to go with the fish dish.
13. The long valley is ideal for growing grapes for premium wines.
14. The estate produces excellent Chardonnay wines from their vineyards.
15. We sampled various California wines at the wine festival.
16. The restaurant has an extensive list of French wines.
17. The wine merchant specialized in sourcing rare, boutique wines.
18. We tried many Spanish wines during our trip to Granada.
19. The tasting included ice wines and dessert wines.
20. The wine shop specialized in Italian and Australian wines.
21. The sommelier recommended an Argentinian Malbec wine for the steak dish.
22. Many wines are produced in Napa and Sonoma valleys.
23. The brewery recently started producing wine along with their craft beers.
24. The menu featured wines from different regions of France.
25. We ordered sparkling wines to celebrate the new year.
26. The tasting room offered samples of the vineyard's award-winning wines.
27. The wine bar had an impressive selection of organic wines.
28. We ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio wine with the pizza.
29. The vineyard is known for its excellent Merlot wines.
30. The wine tour included tastings of many Rhone Valley wines.
31. The chef paired wines from France with each course.
32. The wine museum chronicled the history of winemaking from ancient times.
33. The estate is renowned for their late harvest dessert wines.
34. The roses and grapes grow well together to produce the perfect wines.
35. I prefer red wines over white wines in general.
36. The vineyard produces premium Cabernet Sauvignon wines.
37. The couple owned a winery that specialized in organic wines.
38. The restaurant has a large selection of wines by the glass.
39. The family has been making award-winning wines for generations.
40. The corked bottle ruined our enjoyment of the expensive French wine.
41. The vineyard owner talked about the terroir and various type of wines.
42. The class compared different vintage years of the Bordeaux wines.
43. The wine shop boasted an extensive collection of wines from around the world.
44. We sampled some intriguing wines from up-and-coming wine regions.
45. The expert guide led us through a tour of the vineyard and winery that made the famous wines.
46. The restaurant offered half a dozen organic wines from a small vineyard.
47. Rose wines are easy-drinking and refreshing in the summertime.
48. We ordered new vintage years of our favorite California wines.
49. I prefer dry yet fruity wines made from red grapes.
50. The tour taught us how to distinguish various aromas and flavors in wines.
51. The restaurant offers a wide selection of red and white wines by the glass or bottle.
52. The vineyard is known for producing award-winning Riesling wines.
53. The wine bar featured an innovative menu and selection of hard-to-find wines.
54. We sampled an array of interesting sparkling wines from around the world.
55. The vineyard produces premium varietal wines from estate-grown grapes.
56. The wine festival featured producers of organic and biodynamic wines.
57. The sommelier helped us choose the perfect wines for the gourmet meal.
58. The vineyard's premier wine was a highly rated Cabernet Franc.
59. The wedding featured an open bar with many premium California wines.
60. The cottage was located near several vineyards that produced wonderful wines.

Common Phases

1. The restaurant has an extensive selection of wines from across the globe.
2. They produce some of the finest wines in California.
3. The winemaker carefully selected grapes to craft the perfect blend of red wines.
4. They offer wine tastings every Saturday featuring different varieties of white wines and rosés.
5. These vineyards produce affordable yet delicious everyday wines.
6. He became well-known for producing outstanding sparkling wines.
7. The food paired perfectly with the robust red wines on the menu.
8. Let's sample some of these fruit-forward white wines.
9. The vineyard produces award-winning French-style wines.
10. These old-vine wines have exceptional flavor and complexity.
11. The wine enthusiast built an impressive collection of collector's wines.
12. The wine store offers a variety of inexpensive everyday wines.
13. The winegrowers work diligently to produce premium quality wines.
14. The winery was selling their vineyard-designate cabernet sauvignon wines.
15. They purchased several bottles of French Bordeaux wines for the dinner party.
16. Chianti wines from Tuscany pair well with Italian cuisine.
17. The sommelier recommended an Oregon Pinot Noir to accompany the tenderloin.
18. We sampled some excellent red wines from Argentina.
19. Dry rosé wines are perfect for summertime.
20. The vineyard specializes in Burgundy-style chardonnay wines.
21. She has a particular fondness for Italian Pinot Grigio wines.
22. The vineyard produces award-winning riesling wines.
23. The wine list featured over a hundred varietals of red and white wines.
24. He purchased several cases of inexpensive Australian Shiraz wines.
25. Their vineyard focuses on organic and sustainable winemaking practices.
26. The robust red wines complimented our filling stew.
27. The bride and groom chose a California Cabernet Sauvignon as their signature wedding wine.
28. The vineyard will soon start selling their 2017 chardonnay wines.
29. He has amassed a notable collection of vintage port wines.
30. Zinfandel wines pair extremely well with spicy red meat dishes.
31. The Napa Valley produces some of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon wines in the world.
32. We walked through the vineyard rows observing the ripening fruit for the sweet dessert wines.
33. The sommelier carefully selected three distinct wines to accompany our three-course meal.
34. The vineyard produces crisp Sauvignon Blanc wines.
35. French Bordeaux wines are among the most coveted and expensive wines in the world.
36. The Pinot Noir wines they produce have rich fruit flavors and aromas.
37. The vineyard focuses on crafting old-world style red wines.
38. The Argentine Malbec wines were our favorite to sample.
39. The family-owned vineyard has been producing award-winning wines for over 30 years.
40. The wine snob only drinks expensive Cabernet wines from Napa Valley.
41. They make delicious sparkling wines using the traditional Champagne method.
42. The vintner dedicated his life to perfecting Rhone-style red wines.
43. The vineyard's Sauvignon Blanc wines were crisp and refreshing.
44. The elegant dinner party featured a collection of fine wines.
45. The wine critic gave high ratings to their Merlot and Chardonnay wines.
46. The wine connoisseur could distinguish between New and Old World wines.
47. The vineyard only produces natural and organic wines without chemicals or additives.
48. Their sweet dessert wines are made from late-harvest grapes.
49. The wine shop offers a selection of reasonably priced wines from around the world.
50. The vineyard specializes in traditional method sparking wines.
51. The incredible variety of wines to choose from overwhelmed the novice drinker.
52. The winemaker experimented with different grape varietals and techniques to create her unique style of wines.
53. We thoroughly enjoyed sampling all the distinctive wines produced at the vineyard.
54. The winery sources their grapes from various regions to achieve balanced wines of exceptional character.
55. The vineyard produces a wide range of excellent red and white varietal wines.
56. They visited numerous California vineyards sampling different Chardonnay wines.
57. The connoisseur searched for uncommon and distinctive wines to add to his collection.
58. The vineyard was known for producing full-bodied red wines with rich flavors.
59. The novice wine drinker started by learning about everyday table wines.
60. The winemaker carefully crafted the Merlot wine to have notes of plum, spice and oak.

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