A example sentences

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"A" Example Sentences

1. She has a beautiful smile.
2. I saw a bird in the tree.
3. It was a hot summer day.
4. She gave me a gift for my birthday.
5. I need to buy a new pair of shoes.
6. I saw a movie last night.
7. He lives in a small town.
8. It takes a long time to read a book.
9. He has a strong accent.
10. There was a full moon last night.
11. She has a good singing voice.
12. I made a mistake.
13. I have a cat and a dog.
14. I went to a restaurant for lunch.
15. It rained for a whole week.
16. The plane left a few minutes late.
17. I need a pencil and an eraser.
18. I have a test tomorrow.
19. It is a funny story.
20. There are a lot of people here.
21. Please pass a the salt.
22. I found a hundred dollars.
23. I want a potato.
24. There's a teacher in a every classroom.
25. That dress is a little too long.
26. The weather was a little cold today.
27. She laughed a little too loud.
28. It is a bit dark in here.
29. I need a bit of help.
30. He has a few good ideas.
31. That's a very good idea.
32. Let's go for a walk.
33. I have a homework assignment to do.
34. I have a test tomorrow.
35. There are a couple of good restaurants nearby.
36. I had a good time at the party.
37. I work a part time job.
38. Give me a hand will you?
39. She made a big mistake.
40. He has a large collection of books.
41. I go to a school near my house.
42. I have a report due next week.
43. I found a penny on the ground.
44. She's a good friend of mine.
45. There is a chance it will rain today.
46. He drove at a high speed.
47. I ate a meal at noon.
48. I work at a large company.
49. She told a short story.
50. I wrote a paper for class.
51. The concert lasts for a few hours.
52. There was a man standing outside.
53. He is a doctor.
54. We had a debate in class today.
55. I rode a on bike when I was younger.
56. She bought a new car last week.
57. I just need a minute.
58. There were a lot of people at the park.
59. I have a pen and pencil in my bag.
60. That book has a happy ending.

Common Phases

1. Have a good day - Used to wish someone a pleasant day.
2. Have a nice day - Used to wish someone an enjoyable day.
3. Take a break - To pause or stop working for a short time.
4. Have a seat - To invite someone to sit down.
5. Get a life - Advice to someone to stop obsessing over trivial things.
6. Go for a walk - Decide or begin to walk for pleasure or exercise.
7. Give it a rest - Used to tell someone to stop talking about something.
8. Not a chance - There is no possibility of something happening.
9. Make a mistake - Do something incorrectly or wrongly.
10. Get a grip - Regain control of one's emotions.
11. Take a look - Examine or inspect something briefly.
12. Have a good one - Used as a farewell meaning "have good remainder of the day."
13. Go for a swim - Decide or begin to swim for pleasure or exercise.
14. Have at it - Encouraging someone to take an action
15. Get a room - Advice to a couple displaying affection in public to find privacy.

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