Abandonments example sentences

Related (10): desertions, relinquishments, betrayals, renunciations, cast-offs, forsakings, defections, neglects, resignations, terminations.

"Abandonments" Example Sentences

1. The constant abandonments by her father left her feeling alone and unloved.
2. The frequent abandonments of the project led to its ultimate failure.
3. She had a history of pet abandonments, leading to animal welfare concerns.
4. The city's streets were littered with the remains of vehicle abandonments.
5. The coach was disappointed by the team's numerous abandonments of their game plan.
6. The project was plagued by staff abandonments due to poor working conditions.
7. The town was left barren due to the mass abandonments of its residents.
8. The company faced scrutiny due to their frequent abandonments of environmental regulations.
9. The animal shelter was struggling to cope with the high rate of cat abandonments.
10. The country saw a rise in infant abandonments due to strict adoption laws.
11. The emotional scars from her previous abandonments made it difficult for her to trust others.
12. His abandonments of his responsibilities caused tension in the workplace.
13. The rainy weather led to an increase in property abandonments.
14. The museum was filled with artifacts from the Great Depression, including signs of business abandonments.
15. The city's infrastructure was crumbling due to budget abandonments.
16. The recent political turmoil led to a wave of diplomatic abandonments.
17. The team's lack of communication led to numerous abandonments of strategic plans.
18. The increasing number of child abandonments was a cause for alarming concern.
19. The company suffered financial losses due to shareholder abandonments.
20. The abandoned mine posed a serious safety risk to the surrounding community.
21. The child's personality was shaped by the frequent abandonments of their caregivers.
22. The rescue center was overwhelmed by the high number of dog abandonments during the summer.
23. The employee's repeated abandonments of their shifts led to disciplinary action.
24. The company's history of unethical practices led to a high rate of client abandonments.
25. The community came together to address the issue of animal abandonments in the area.
26. The prime minister's frequent abandonments of parliamentary sessions were met with criticism.
27. The multi-million dollar project faced delays due to contractor abandonments.
28. The orphanage was struggling to provide for the children due to high rates of infant abandonments.
29. The company's reputation was tarnished by its history of project abandonments.
30. The city's rampant crime rate had led to a high number of property abandonments in recent years.

Common Phases

1. The town was left to crumble after the abrupt abandonment of its residents; the abandoned buildings were left to rot and decay.
2. The frequent abandonment of projects reflected the company's lack of commitment to its employees; the high turnover rate was proof of this.
3. She felt the sting of betrayal with every abandonment; each time someone left her life, it felt like a loss she could never replace.
4. The abandoned puppies found in the alley were a clear sign of neglect; their abandonment was a cruel act of cowardice.
5. The abandoned car on the side of the road hinted at a darker mystery; its abandonment was suspicious and unexplained.

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