Abashment example sentences

Related (5): embarrassment, shame, humiliation, mortification, chagrin

"Abashment" Example Sentences

1. He felt abashment at having made such a mistake in front of everyone.
2. She spoke with abashment, embarrassed by her own actions.
3. The student's face colored with abashment when the teacher corrected his error publicly.
4. The politician's career was nearly ended by the abashment and shame that followed his scandal.
5. Looking at the damage he had caused, he felt great abashment at his recklessness.
6. He avoided eye contact, speaking softly out of abashment for his rude behavior.
7. Her abashment was obvious as she tried to apologize for the mishap.
8. Her behavior caused much abashment among her friends and family.
9. The crowd stared in abashment at the scene unfolding before them.
10. She treated him with abashment, thoroughly ashamed of the way she had misled him.
11. My aunt spoke to me with abashment about my inappropriate remarks at dinner.
12. He bowed his head in abashment when confronted with evidence of his dishonesty.
13. The player's expensive blunder caused much abashment and embarrassment for her team.
14. Her face reddened with abashment as she realized the error she had made.
15. The abashment on her face showed she knew she had committed a social blunder.
16. The abashment I felt at having made such a fool of myself was overwhelming.
17. The audience watched in abashment as the performer forgot her lines mid-song.
18. The girl felt profound abashment at having to repeat the grade for a third time.
19. The scandal caused much abashment among the candidate's supporters.
20. Shame and abashment beyond words was heaped upon the convicted men.
21. The employees avoided eye contact out of abashment over their tardiness.
22. The simple misunderstanding caused needless abashment among all involved.
23. There was abashment among the employees after the boss's harsh criticism.
24. The manager apologized with abashment for having lost her temper with the team.
25. His abashment quickly turned to anger when his mistake was brought to light.
26. Abashment colored her cheeks as she realized her social gaffe.
27. My grandfather spoke to me with abashment about my recent arrest.
28. She apologized with abashment for not having checked the references properly.
29. There was abashment among the crowd after witnessing the ugly scene.
30. His abashment gave way to pride when he realized his mistake had been hidden.
31. The accident caused much abashment and embarrassment for all onboard.
32. The family spoke of the incident with abashment for decades after.
33. The witness avoided eye contact out of abashment at having to relay such hurtful details.
34. The council members discussed the incident with abashment and dismay.
35. He bowed his head in abashment as the police officer scolded him.
36. The players hid their faces in abashment after their big loss.
37. Abashment filled her voice as she recalled her careless mistake.
38. Blushing with abashment, she tried to explain her reckless behavior.
39. There was abashment among the teammates after their coach's harsh words.
40. Her abashment slowly turned to anger as she thought of the unfair attack.
41. Abashment washed over her as she realized the full scope of her mistake.
42. Abashment compelled her silence after she realized her words had caused offense.
43. There was abashment among the community after news of the scandal spread.
44. The sight caused much abashment among the assembled crowd.
45. My teacher spoke with abashment about having missed our scheduled meeting.
46. Her husband apologized with abashment for having raised his voice.
47. Abashment muffled his voice as he tried in vain to explain away his deceit.
48. Shame and abashment swept through the town in the wake of the scandal.
49. I relayed the story with abashment, deeply ashamed of my previous actions.
50. Coworkers avoided eye contact out of abashment for their recent poor performances.
51. Disgrace and abashment covered the clan after news of the misdeeds leaked.
52. Her voice trembled with abashment as she sought forgiveness for her mistake.
53. There was abashment among the players after their devastating loss.
54. Abashment compelled her silence as she realized the full scale of the disaster.
55. Abashment silenced all objections after the tragic accident.
56. Abashment swept through the crowd watching the horrible events unfold.
57. The politician spoke with abashment about his role in the recent scandal.
58. My pride quickly turned to abashment after having my error publicly exposed.
59. The judge condemned the culprits with shame and abashment for their crime.
60. Disgrace and abashment summed up the mood of the entire community that day.

Common Phases

1. Blushed with abashment
2. Colored with abashment
3. Filled with abashment
4. Covered in abashment
5. Spoke with abashment
6. Turned to abashment
7. Abashment swept through
8. Abashment compelled silence
9. Bowed his head in abashment
10. Apologized with abashment

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