Acquired example sentences

Related (10): obtained, gained, procured, secured, annexed, purchased, inherited, achieved, attained, clinched.

"Acquired" Example Sentences

1. He acquired skills and knowledge through years of experience and hard work.
2. The illness was acquired through contact with an infected person.
3. The company acquired several smaller firms to expand its product line.
4. Over time she has acquired a large collection of antiques.
5. The newly acquired software will improve efficiency.
6. The child has acquired speech at the appropriate developmental stages.
7. After many failed attempts, he finally acquired the rare collectible.
8. She acquired a taste for gourmet foods during her travels abroad.
9. Through training and study, I have acquired expertise in my field.
10. The acquired taste for coffee started in my teenage years.
11. Her wealth has been acquired through hard work and wise investments.
12. The art gallery recently acquired a collection of Impressionist paintings.
13. The gemstone had been acquired at great cost through years of searching.
14. The inherited fortune was quickly acquired and just as quickly lost through foolish spending.
15. Foreign languages are often best acquired at a young age.
16. The skill was acquired over a lifetime of practice and dedication to his craft.
17. The couple acquired a small puppy to keep their children company.
18. My love of reading was acquired from my parents at an early age.
19. The heirloom was acquired by his grandmother many years ago.
20. The technology was recently acquired through a merger with another company.
21. Immunity can be acquired either naturally through infection or artificially through vaccination.
22. The linguist acquired fluency in over 20 languages during his career.
23. The startup acquired funding from venture capitalists to expand operations.
24. She has newly acquired an interest in gardening.
25. His taste for fine bourbon was acquired during his college years.
26. The struggling business was acquired by a larger competitor.
27. The immunity was acquired naturally after the infection passed.
28. The stain was extremely difficult to remove once acquired.
29. The heir recently acquired the family estate upon his father's death.
30. The chef acquired a love of cooking from his grandmother at a young age.
31. The skill was easily acquired through consistent practice and training.
32. The mansion was recently acquired by a wealthy celebrity.
33. She has acquired many useful skills during her travels abroad.
34. The collection was acquired over three generations.
35. Muscle memory is often acquired through extensive physical training.
36. The antique store recently acquired a rare collection of porcelain figurines.
37. Through study and practice, I have acquired a strong command of the subject matter.
38. The injury was accidentally acquired during a fall.
39. The knowledge was slowly acquired through trial and error.
40. The injury could have easily been avoided if proper safety precautions had been acquired and followed.
41. Through lived experience and wisdom, valuable insights can be acquired with age.
42. The suspicion was acquired through years of detective work.
43. She has newly acquired an interest in gardening.
44. The puppy was newly acquired to keep the toddler company.
45. The cat had been recently acquired from an animal shelter.
46. The habit was acquired against my better judgment.
47. The information was acquired by hacking into private files.
48. The trophy was recently acquired after winning the competition.
49. The new skill was easily acquired after years of experience in a related field.
50. The skill was quickly acquired due to previous acquired knowledge on the subject.
51. The company acquired its competitor to gain a larger market share.
52. Over a lifetime of study, an impressive knowledge base was acquired.
53. The elderly woman had acquired much wisdom through lived experience.
54. The object was quickly acquired thanks to generous donations.
55. Immunity to the disease could only be acquired through direct exposure.
56. The wealth was slowly acquired over decades of hard work and wise investments.
57. The habit was easily acquired but difficult to break.
58. The skill was masterfully acquired through years of diligent practice and training.
59. The rare coin was acquired at a steal of a price at the estate sale.
60. The plant had newly acquired pretty purple flowers.

Common Phases

1. I have acquired a new skill during my training.
2. The knowledge she acquired from her studies helped her immensely in her career.
3. The company acquired several smaller firms to expand its offerings.
4. The museum acquired many rare artifacts during its journey across Asia.
5. He acquired a taste for fine wine during his travels in Europe.
6. The confidence she acquired empowered her to pursue her dreams.
7. The software company recently acquired an artificial intelligence startup.
8. Through practice and persistence, I have acquired proficiency in playing the piano.
9. The restaurant has acquired a loyal following due to its excellent food and service.
10. Unfortunately, the illness left him with an acquired disability.
11. After decades of hard work, he acquired a position of leadership in the company.
12. The team acquired new strategies to tackle the challenges ahead.
13. Her diligent studies enabled her to acquire an extensive vocabulary.
14. The drug can help patients acquire immunity to the virus.
15. The actress acquired fame and fortune after winning an Oscar.
16. The store acquired a large selection of new products for the holiday season.
17. Over time, my taste buds acquired a liking for spicy foods.
18. The research lab acquired new equipment to improve their experiments.
19. His interest in stocks allowed him to acquire wealth through wise investments.
20. The communication skills he acquired helped him greatly in his career.
21. The string of failures drove him to acquire resilience and perseverance.
22. The wisdom she acquired through age and experience has served her well.
23. The start-up acquired funding from venture capitalists to grow the business.
24. The research findings helped me acquire a deeper understanding of the subject.
25. The cactus slowly acquired the reddish hue as it matured.
26. He acquired compassion for others through patient listening.
27. The athlete acquired muscular strength through rigorous training.
28. The brand acquired a reputation for excellence over the years.
29. The art student acquired the ability to appreciate fine details.
30. Her early struggles helped her acquire grit and determination.
31. The traveler acquired numerous souvenirs from her journeys abroad.
32. They acquired the property through adverse possession.
33. The knowledge imparted to him helped him acquire an edge over others.
34. Her travels helped her acquire an appreciation for different cultures.
35. The organization aims to acquire new land for conservation efforts.
36. I have acquired a taste for coffee after drinking it for years.
37. She acquired numerous skills through her life experience.
38. Her manners acquired from upbringing impressed all who met her.
39. The daughter acquired her mother's talents and interests at a young age.
40. My travels abroad acquired my desire to see more of the world.
41. He has acquired a notable reputation for his honesty in business dealings.
42. The boxer acquired several championship titles during his career.
43. His inquiries acquired him valuable information about the subject.
44. The startup acquired several patents when it purchased the small firm.
45. The younger members acquired valuable wisdom from the elders.
46. The expedition team acquired several rare species of plants and insects.
47. The sufferings she faced helped her acquire immense patience.
48. The knowledge he acquired during his studies served him well in later life.
49. The ability to play the guitar was acquired through patience and practice.
50. Her journeys abroad acquired in her a love of cultures different from her own.
51. The organization aims to acquire more land for conservation purposes.
52. The athlete acquired sponsorship deals after winning the gold medal.
53. She acquired keen analytical skills through her work as an accountant.
54. The company's latest acquisition aims to expand its global reach.
55. The experience acquired from his first job prepared him well for future roles.
56. His travels acquired in him a love for seeing new places.
57. The boy acquired many books from his allowance.
58. The company aims to acquire more customers through digital marketing.
59. Her sensitivity towards others was acquired through much trial and error.
60. My skills at chess were acquired through determination and hard work.

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