Affordability example sentences

Related (5): cost-effectiveness, accessibility, attainability, reasonableness, availableness

"Affordability" Example Sentences

1. The affordability of housing in major cities has become a major issue.
2. We need to focus on the affordability of healthcare for all.
3. The cost and affordability of college education has caused many to consider alternative options.
4. The affordability of electric cars is improving, making them a more attractive option for consumers.
5. We need to address the affordability of healthy food options in low-income areas.
6. The affordability of childcare is a major concern for many parents.
7. The affordability of housing is a key factor in determining where people choose to live.
8. We need to find ways to improve the affordability of renewable energy sources.
9. The affordability of prescription drugs is a major issue for many Americans.
10. The affordability of public transportation is a key factor in reducing traffic congestion.
11. The affordability of high-speed internet is necessary for many people's daily lives.
12. The affordability of decent clothing is a challenge for many low-income families.
13. The affordability of healthy aging services is an increasingly important consideration.
14. The affordability of renewable energy technologies could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
15. The affordability of healthy school lunches is important for children's overall wellbeing.
16. The affordability of mental health services is critical in addressing the current mental health crisis.
17. The affordability of home ownership is a cornerstone of the American Dream.
18. The affordability of higher education is essential for creating a diverse and knowledgeable workforce.
19. The affordability of homeowners insurance is a critical consideration when purchasing a home.
20. The affordability of fresh produce is a key factor in promoting healthy diets.
21. The affordability of quality healthcare is important for maintaining overall public health.
22. The affordability of dental care is a critical consideration for maintaining oral health.
23. The affordability of public education is essential for ensuring equal educational opportunities for all.
24. The affordability of home heating and cooling is a key concern for many homeowners.
25. The affordability of public parks and green spaces is important for promoting physical activity and wellbeing.
26. The affordability of accessible transportation is essential for people with disabilities and older adults.
27. The affordability of home repairs and renovations is critical for maintaining safe and livable homes.
28. The affordability of healthy pet food is important for promoting animal health and preventing illness.
29. The affordability of high-quality child care is important for supporting working parents and their children.
30. The affordability of legal services is critical for ensuring access to justice for all.

Common Phases

1. We need to focus on affordability for low-income families;
2. The rising cost of healthcare is a major concern for affordability;
3. The lack of affordable housing in the city is causing a housing crisis;
4. The cost of higher education is hindering its affordability for many students;
5. The high price of groceries is affecting the affordability of basic necessities;
6. The government needs to take steps to improve the affordability of childcare;
7. In order to promote clean energy, we must increase its affordability for consumers;
8. Affordability of transportation is important for both individuals and businesses alike;
9. As a company, we strive to provide affordable prices for our customers;
10. The lack of affordable options for healthcare insurance is a major issue for many Americans.

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