Alarmed example sentences

Related (10): frightened, scared, concerned, disturbed, worried, unsettled, uneasy, apprehensive, panicked, spooked.


[əˈlärmd] ✕ Play

alarmed (adjective) · alarmed (past participle)

  - frightened or concerned that one may be in danger or that something undesirable will happen:

  - fitted or protected with an alarm:


[əˈlärm] ✕ Play

alarmed (past tense) · alarmed (past participle)

  - cause (someone) to feel frightened, disturbed, or in danger:

  - fit or protect with an alarm:


frightened, afraid, fearful, nervous, panicky, agitated, worried, intimidated, terrified, petrified, horrified, frantic, hysterical, shaky, frit, afeared, affrighted, confident, calm, frighten, scare, panic, startle, unnerve, distress, agitate, upset, fluster, ruffle, disconcert, shock, daunt, dismay, disturb, terrify, terrorize, petrify, Feedback

"Alarmed" Example Sentences

1. The sound of the alarm clock alarmed me, making me jump out of bed.
2. The sudden drop in temperature has alarmed farmers about the crops.
3. The alarming news about the nuclear plant explosion spread quickly.
4. Their reckless driving alarmed other drivers on the road.
5. The child's lack of appetite for days had his parents alarmed.
6. The increase in crime rate in the neighborhood alarmed the residents.
7. The car's loud screeching sound alarmed the passengers.
8. The alarming amount of plastic in the ocean is a major concern.
9. The sudden loss of weight alarmed the doctor.
10. Hearing gunshots in the area alarmed the locals.
11. The alarming rate of deforestation calls for immediate action.
12. The alarming rise in sea levels poses a major threat to coastal cities.
13. The baby's high fever alarmed the parents, prompting them to call the doctor.
14. The sudden drop in stock prices alarmed investors.
15. The alarming number of deaths caused by COVID-19 is a global tragedy.
16. The news of the earthquake in the area alarmed everyone.
17. The alarming depletion of the ozone layer is causing significant climate change.
18. The alarming appearance of the strange creature startled everyone.
19. The sound of the fire alarm alarmed the entire building, causing everyone to evacuate.
20. The alarming rate of unemployment in the country is a significant problem.
21. The alarming surge in gang violence has law enforcement agencies on high alert.
22. The persistent cough and difficulty breathing alarmed the doctor for a potential illness.
23. The journalists were alarmed by the government's crackdown on freedom of the press.
24. The alarming lack of access to clean drinking water is a global crisis.
25. The sudden change in behavior alarmed friends and family.
26. The alarming increase in air pollution levels is a concern for public health.
27. The strange noise coming from the engine alarmed the pilot.
28. The constant barking of the dog is alarming the neighbors.
29. The alarming increase in traffic accidents is a reminder to drive safely.
30. The alarming symptoms of the disease prompted a rush to find a cure.

Common Phases

1. I was alarmed when I heard the news;
2. The sudden loud noise in the middle of the night left me alarmed;
3. Seeing the dark clouds looming overhead, I grew alarmed about the possibility of a storm;
4. The doctor's expression left me alarmed about the seriousness of my condition;
5. Witnessing the car accident unfold in front of me, I was immediately alarmed and rushed to help;
6. The sight of smoke coming from my kitchen alarmed me and I called for help immediately;
7. The sudden drop in temperature in the middle of summer left me alarmed about the impact of climate change.

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