Auditions example sentences

Related (12): casting, tryouts, readings, interviews, evaluations, assessments, trials, tests, selections, competitions, performances, rehearsals

"Auditions" Example Sentences

1. She practiced for weeks before the auditions.
2. The auditions were held in a small theater.
3. He missed his chance to attend the auditions.
4. The judges were impressed by his auditions.
5. She aced her auditions and got the lead role.
6. He failed his auditions and felt discouraged.
7. The auditions lasted for several hours.
8. She was nervous for the auditions and drank chamomile tea to calm down.
9. He couldn't make it to the auditions due to a family emergency.
10. The auditions were highly competitive with many talented applicants.
11. She prepared a monologue for her auditions.
12. The auditions were open to actors of all ages and backgrounds.
13. He was relieved when he passed the first round of auditions.
14. She dressed in her best attire for the auditions.
15. The auditions were held in front of a live audience.
16. He got selected for the second round of auditions.
17. She felt confident after her auditions and treated herself to ice cream.
18. The auditions were grueling and left many applicants exhausted.
19. He decided to take a break from acting after he didn't make it through the auditions.
20. The casting directors were impressed by the diversity of talent at the auditions.
21. She was grateful for the opportunity to participate in the auditions.
22. The auditions were a once in a lifetime opportunity for aspiring actors.
23. He practiced his lines obsessively before the auditions.
24. She received positive feedback from the judges after her auditions.
25. The auditions were a nerve-racking experience for everyone involved.
26. He remembered his first auditions and how nervous he was.
27. She brought her lucky charm to the auditions.
28. The auditions required applicants to perform a song and a dance number.
29. He was grateful for the constructive criticism he received during the auditions.
30. She nailed her auditions and couldn't wait to start filming.

Common Phases

1. "I'm so nervous for auditions; I hope I do well."
2. "I practiced my monologue all night; I'm ready for auditions tomorrow."
3. "The line for auditions is so long; I hope I get a chance to perform."
4. "I heard there were over 100 people auditioning; the competition is tough."
5. "I love the adrenaline rush that comes with auditions; it's like no other feeling."
6. "I've never done auditions before; I'm excited and scared at the same time."
7. "I always get butterflies before auditions; it's a sign that I care about the outcome."
8. "I didn't make it past the first round of auditions; but I learned so much from the experience."
9. "I got a callback after auditions; I can't believe it!"
10. "I never thought I'd get cast after auditions; it just goes to show that hard work pays off."

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