Autocratically example sentences

Related (6): authoritarianly, tyrannically, domineeringly, oppressively, dictatorially, despoticly

"Autocratically" Example Sentences

1. The CEO autocratically made all the decisions without considering the input of his team.
2. The dictator ruled autocratically and oppressed his people.
3. The coach autocratically decided who would be on the team without any input from the players.
4. The teacher autocratically gave out assignments without considering the workload of her students.
5. The landlord autocratically raised the rent without any explanation or justification.
6. The boss autocratically fired his employees without any warning or explanation.
7. The king autocratically ordered the execution of anyone who opposed him.
8. The manager autocratically decided to cut the benefits of his employees without consulting them.
9. The governor autocratically rejected any dissenting opinions from his advisors.
10. The owner autocratically changed the company policies without consulting anyone else.
11. The principal autocratically decided to cancel the prom without asking the students.
12. The president autocratically imposed new regulations without consulting Congress.
13. The judge autocratically dismissed the case without giving the defendant a chance to defend himself.
14. The mayor autocratically decided to build a new highway without considering the environmental impact.
15. The director autocratically made all the casting choices without any input from the actors.
16. The general autocratically ordered his troops to attack without analyzing the situation.
17. The controller autocratically made all the financial decisions without consulting anyone else.
18. The bishop autocratically decided to excommunicate anyone who questioned his authority.
19. The captain autocratically made all the decisions without consulting his crew.
20. The curator autocratically arranged the exhibition without considering the artistic vision of the artists.
21. The superintendent autocratically closed down the school without consulting the parents.
22. The prosecutor autocratically charged the suspect without having any solid evidence.
23. The editor autocratically deleted any comments that disagreed with his opinion.
24. The coach autocratically punished the team for losing without taking any responsibility himself.
25. The landlord autocratically restricted the use of common areas without consulting the tenants.
26. The mayor autocratically approved a new development project without seeking input from the residents.
27. The CEO autocratically used company funds to support his own political agenda.
28. The chairman autocratically decided which shareholders would have a voice at the annual meeting.
29. The president autocratically ignored the constitution and ruled by executive order.
30. The director autocratically fired the lead actress without giving any reasons.

Common Phases

1. He made decisions autocratically; without seeking input from his team.
2. The boss ran the meeting autocratically; not allowing any discussion or dissent.
3. The dictator ruled autocratically; with little regard for the welfare of his people.
4. She managed her household autocratically; insisting on complete control of all decisions.
5. The hardline CEO led the company autocratically; pushing his agenda at all costs.

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