Babel example sentences

Related (10): tower, confusion, language, diversity, division, communication, unity, pride, dispersion, civilization.

"Babel" Example Sentences

1. The biblical story of the Tower of Babel tells how languages were created.
2. The city was a babel of noise and activity.
3. The babel of voices made it hard to hear anything.
4. The internet is a babel of information and opinions.
5. The Babel Fish is a fictional creature that can translate any language.
6. The film "Babel" tells multiple interconnected stories set in different countries.
7. The Babel Tower in Iraq is one of the oldest ziggurats in the world.
8. The artist created a sculpture that represented the chaos of the biblical Babel.
9. The conference room was a babel of languages as people from all over the world gathered to discuss the topic.
10. The tower of Babel was a symbol of human ambition and arrogance in the face of God.
11. The noise level in the classroom was like a babel of voices.
12. The software program can translate documents into multiple languages, making it a modern-day Babel Fish.
13. The Babel plugin allows developers to use the latest JavaScript features in older browsers.
14. The company was like the Tower of Babel, with each department working on its own without communication.
15. The novel "Babel-17" explores the implications of a language designed for space travel.
16. The Babel Library in Buenos Aires is known for its vast collection of books in multiple languages.
17. The construction of the Tower of Babel was halted by God because of his displeasure with the people's hubris.
18. The buzzing of the bees created a babel of sound in the garden.
19. The babel of languages at the international airport can be overwhelming for travelers.
20. The movie "Babel" was nominated for multiple awards, including Best Picture at the Academy Awards.
21. The journalist was sent to cover the United Nations General Assembly, which was a babel of languages and cultures.
22. The Babel Tower served as a religious center in ancient Mesopotamia.
23. The city council meeting was a babel of voices as citizens expressed their opinions on the proposed tax increase.
24. The artists incorporated elements of the story of Babel into their mural, showing the chaos and confusion of language.
25. The babel of sound from the construction site next door made it difficult to concentrate.
26. The novel "The Children of Babel" explores the concept of a world without language.
27. The Tower of Babel is a popular architectural motif in many cultures, symbolizing the pursuit of human greatness.
28. The conference room was like a babel of languages, with translators working to keep everyone on the same page.
29. The babel of voices at the street market was part of its charm, with vendors calling out to attract customers.
30. The language barrier can sometimes feel like a modern-day Tower of Babel, with people struggling to communicate across cultures.

Common Phases

you want me to provide random phrases using the word "babel"? Sure, here are a few:
1. The conference room was a babel of languages.
2. The children's playroom was a babel of noise.
3. Tourists from all over the world spoke in a babel of accents.
4. The construction site was a babel of hammers and drills.
5. The political rally was a babel of speeches and chants.
6. The classroom was a babel of questions and answers.
7. The airport terminal was a babel of announcements and boarding calls.
8. The market was a babel of vendors calling out their wares.
9. The music festival was a babel of genres and styles.
10. The chatroom was a babel of emojis and internet slang.

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