Bae example sentences

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"Bae" Example Sentences

1. "Good morning bae," he said as I walked into the kitchen.
2. "You look beautiful today, bae," he said with a smile.
3. "I missed you so much while you were gone, bae," I told him.
4. "You're the best, bae," she said with a hug.
5. "Let's go have some fun tonight, bae," he said as he gave me a kiss.
6. "What's up bae?" he said as he walked into the room.
7. "I love you bae," I texted him with a heart emoji.
8. "You're so sweet, bae," she said with a giggle.
9. "Thanks for always being there for me, bae," I said sincerely.
10. "How was your day, bae?" I asked.
11. "You're amazing, bae," she said with a smile.
12. "Can't wait to see you later, bae," he texted back.
13. "Have a good day at work, bae," I told him as he left.
14. "Let's get dinner tonight, bae," she suggested.
15. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, bae," he said affectionately.
16. "You make me so happy, bae," I told her.
17. "Hey beautiful, how's my bae doing today?" he asked.
18. "Miss you bae," she texted with heart emojis.
19. "Ready to have some fun this weekend, bae?" he asked.
20. "Can't wait to come home to you tonight, bae," I said with a kiss.
21. "You're perfect just the way you are, bae," she told me sincerely.
22. "You're the best thing that ever happened to me, bae," he said with tears in his eyes.
23. "You make every day so much brighter, bae," she said with a hug.
24."Hey sexy, what's up bae?" he texted.
25. "We need to have a movie night soon, bae," she suggested.
26. "You always know how to make me smile, bae," I told him gratefully.
27. "Did you miss me, bae?" he asked with a grin.
28. "What did I do to deserve you, bae?" I said shaking my head.
29. "You're amazing, bae. Don't ever forget that," she said.
30. "Love you more than anything, bae," he texted.
31. "Only you can make me feel this way, bae," I said with a blush.
32. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, bae," she said sincerely.
33. "You're perfect in every way, bae," I told him.
34. "Thanks for always being there for me, bae," she said with a hug.
35. "We make a pretty great team, bae," he said with a wink.
36. "Miss you so much, bae," she texted with heart emojis.
37. "You light up my whole world, bae," he said affectionately.
38. "Can't wait to see that beautiful smile of yours, bae," I texted back.
39. "I'm so lucky to have you in my life, bae," she said gratefully.
40. "Hey there beautiful, how's it going bae?" he texted.
41. "You're amazing bae, never forget that," I told him sincerely.
42. "You're perfect just the way you are, bae," she said with a kiss.
43. "How did I get so lucky, bae?" he said shaking his head.
44. "Ready to have some fun this weekend, bae?" she asked with a grin.
45. "You're my favorite person in the whole world, bae," I told him honestly.
46. "Thanks for always being so understanding, bae," she said gratefully.
47. "You're one of a kind, bae," he said with a wink.
48. "Love you more with each day, bae," I texted back.
49. "You light up my soul, bae," she said affectionately.
50. "I'm the luckiest guy alive to have you, bae," he said sincerely.

Common Phases

1. I love you bae.
2. Good morning bae, hope you have a great day!
3. What are you up to bae?
4. Come over here bae.
5. Bae, you're the best!
6. Bae, I miss you so much.
7. Bae, I got you a little gift.
8. Let's cuddle bae.
9. We should go out tonight bae.
10. Bae, that breakfast you made me was delicious.
11. I'm so lucky to have you bae.
12. Come here bae, give me a kiss.
13. You're the cutest bae, don't ever change.
14. Did you save me any leftovers bae?
15. Bae, I need you to cheer me up.
16. You're my favorite person bae.
17. How was your day bae?
18. I couldn't live without you bae.
19. Let's get married bae.
20. Thanks for being there for me bae.
21. Can't wait to see you later bae.
22. You complete me bae.
23. Bae, you light up my world.
24. You're perfect just the way you are bae.
25. I'm thinking of you bae.
26. I dreamt of you last night bae.
27. Bae, you're so funny.
28. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me bae.
29. I could listen to you talk all day bae.
30. You always know how to cheer me up bae.
31. You're everything I've ever wanted bae.
32. Stop being mean bae.
33. Let's go on a trip bae.
34. I want to spend forever with you bae.
35. I love staring into your eyes bae.
36. Don't ever forget how much I love you bae.
37. You're my favorite distraction bae.
38. Text me when you get home safe bae.
39. You light up the room bae.
40. I can't stop thinking about you bae.
41. Come sit with me bae.
42. You make the hardest days better bae.
43. Bae, you're so thoughtful.
44. I appreciate you bae.
45. I saved you some food bae.
46. Call me when you can bae.
47. You're so understanding bae.
48. Let's get out of here bae.
49. You always know the right thing to say bae.
50. You're the best bae, don't ever forget it.
51. Thanks for putting up with me bae.
52. You have a beautiful soul bae.
53. Bae, I love talking with you.
54. Today was so much better because of you bae.
55. I hate being away from you bae.
56. Come over here and hug me bae.
57. I love being around you bae.
58. You're seriously the sweetest bae.
59. Put your arms around me bae.
60. Bae, you make me so happy.

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