Battons example sentences

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battens (plural noun)

  - a long, flat strip of squared wood or metal used to hold something in place or as a fastening against a wall.

  - a strip of wood or metal for securing the edges of a tarpaulin that covers a ship's hatch.

  - a strip of wood or plastic used to stiffen and extend the leech of a sail.

  - strengthen or fasten (something) with battens:


[ˈbatn] ✕ Play

battens (third person present)

  - thrive or prosper at the expense of (someone):


bar, bolt, clamp, rail, shaft, board, strip, fasten, fix, secure, clamp, clasp, bolt, rivet, lash, seal, tether, Wikipedia

"Battons" Example Sentences

1. The drum major twirled his batons with great skill.
2. The gymnast dazzled the crowd with her baton routine.
3. The majorettes marched in perfect formation, twirling their batons in unison.
4. The conductor used batons to keep time during the orchestra rehearsal.
5. The police officer carried a baton as part of his uniform.
6. The batons used in fencing are made of lightweight materials.
7. The magician pulled several batons from his hat as part of his act.
8. The chef used batons of carrots in his vegetable medley.
9. The artist used batons of charcoal to create a striking portrait.
10. The flag twirlers added batons to their performances for extra flair.
11. The fitness instructor handed out foam batons to use during the workout.
12. The security guard brandished his baton to ward off potential intruders.
13. The batons of the antique clock chimed loudly every hour.
14. The baton relay race required each runner to pass off the baton to the next person.
15. The drum major dropped his baton during the marching band performance.
16. The acrobat balanced multiple batons on his chin to impress the crowd.
17. The magician used batons to make a bird disappear and reappear.
18. The circus performer spun batons of fire in a dangerous display.
19. The chef practiced his knife skills by cutting batons of vegetables.
20. The marching band rehearsed the baton twirling routine for the halftime show.
21. The hiker used walking batons to traverse the steep mountain trail.
22. The police officer confiscated the protester's baton during the riot.
23. The artist used batons of paint to create a colorful abstract piece.
24. The weightlifter lifted batons of steel as part of his training.
25. The majorette dropped her baton during the competition and lost points.
26. The baton of the drum major doubled as a conductor's baton for the orchestra performance.
27. The magician used batons to juggle flaming torches in a daring act.
28. The circus performer used unicycle and baton tricks to entertain the crowd.
29. The band director taught the students how to hold and toss the baton properly.
30. The art teacher instructed the students to use batons of clay to create a sculpture.

Common Phases

1. In a tight spot; pull out the big batons.
2. When words fail; let the batons speak.
3. The batons were raised; tensions were high.
4. Bring out the batons; it's time for some discipline.
5. The crowd grew restless; the batons were at the ready.
6. The sound of batons striking; chaos ensued.
7. The batons were drawn; peace was restored.
8. The adrenaline kicked in; the batons were wielded with force.
9. The protesters wouldn't back down; the batons were their only defense.
10. The batons served as a reminder; authority would not be questioned.

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