Bearbaiting example sentences

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"Bearbaiting" Example Sentences

1. Bearbaiting was a popular form of entertainment in medieval times.
2. The practice of bearbaiting is now illegal in many countries.
3. The bear seemed bewildered and terrified by the bearbaiting.
4. Bearbaiting is cruel and inhumane and should be banned worldwide.
5. The bear trainer was charged with animal cruelty for his involvement in the bearbaiting.
6. Many people protested the local fair due to their inclusion of bearbaiting.
7. Bearbaiting was outlawed in England in the 19th century.
8. The spectators cheered and jeered during the bearbaiting event.
9. Bearbaiting is now considered a barbaric and outdated practice.
10. The bearbaiting arena was empty, signaling the end of the controversial event.
11. Queen Elizabeth I had a fondness for bearbaiting and frequently attended the events.
12. The bear was left with physical injuries and psychological trauma from the bearbaiting.
13. Bearbaiting was commonly practiced during festivals and celebrations in medieval times.
14. The bearbaiting ring was surrounded by a cheering crowd, oblivious to the suffering of the animal.
15. Despite the calls for its end, bearbaiting persisted for many years.
16. The bearbaiting spectacle drew crowds from all over the region.
17. The bear fought desperately against the dogs during the bearbaiting.
18. The bearbaiting event was condemned by animal rights groups worldwide.
19. The bears used in bearbaiting are often captured from the wild and subjected to a lifetime of cruelty.
20. Many people were outraged when they learned that the circus included bearbaiting in their lineup.
21. The bearbaiting industry was thriving until animal welfare laws were introduced.
22. Bearbaiting was seen as a way for people to exhibit their wealth and status.
23. The bear trainer was arrested after his involvement in an illegal bearbaiting ring was uncovered.
24. Many influential figures in history spoke out against the barbarity of bearbaiting.
25. The bear, weakened and exhausted, finally succumbed to the dogs during the bearbaiting event.
26. The bearbaiting pit was filled with sawdust to absorb the blood and guts spilling from the animals.
27. The bearbaiting event was rife with corruption and illegal activity.
28. The bearbaiting committee was disbanded after mounting pressure from animal rights activists.
29. The bearbaiting spectacle was a macabre display of violence, much to the delight of the bloodthirsty crowd.
30. The bearbaiting industry was finally outlawed in the early 20th century.

Common Phases

1. The act of bearbaiting; a cruel and barbaric practice that involves unleashing dogs on a tethered bear.
2. Bearbaiting has been outlawed in many countries; it is viewed as a form of animal cruelty and is not tolerated.
3. The history of bearbaiting dates back to ancient times; it was once considered a popular form of entertainment.
4. Those who participate in bearbaiting; whether as spectators or as organizers, are putting themselves at risk of legal consequences.
5. Bearbaiting is often used as a metaphor; it refers to the act of intentionally provoking or irritating someone, much like the dogs do to the bear.

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