Birthplace example sentences

Related (7): origin, hometown, motherland, roots, cradle, nativity, homeland

"Birthplace" Example Sentences

1. John's birthplace is in the small town of Greenville, Indiana.
2. She was proud of her birthplace, the bustling city of New York.
3. My birthplace is a remote village in the mountains of Nepal.
4. Philadelphia is famous for being the birthplace of America.
5. His birthplace was a tiny island off the coast of Madagascar.
6. The birthplace of Mozart is Salzburg, Austria.
7. Her birthplace was a quaint village on the shores of Lake Erie.
8. Paris, France is the birthplace of the French Revolution.
9. My father's birthplace is in a rural part of Cameroon.
10. The birthplace of the Renaissance is Florence, Italy.
11. He takes great pride in his birthplace, the seaside town of Brighton.
12. The birthplace of Buddha is Lumbini, a village in Nepal.
13. She was born and raised in her birthplace, the city of Los Angeles.
14. Silicon Valley is the birthplace of many tech startups.
15. The ancient city of Athens is the birthplace of democracy.
16. My birthplace, Manila, is the capital city of the Philippines.
17. Liverpool is renowned for being the birthplace of the Beatles.
18. Her birthplace was a small village on the outskirts of Mumbai.
19. Kyoto, Japan is the birthplace of traditional Japanese culture.
20. My ancestor's birthplace was in a remote village in County Cork, Ireland.
21. The birthplace of the Olympic Games is Olympia, Greece.
22. Austin, Texas is known for being the birthplace of live music.
23. The famous inventor Thomas Edison had his birthplace in Milan, Ohio.
24. Her birthplace was a remote island in the Caribbean.
25. The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro is the birthplace of samba.
26. He was proud to be from his birthplace, a small town in rural England.
27. Florence Nightingale's birthplace is in the Italian city of Florence.
28. The birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi is Porbandar, a coastal town in India.
29. Her birthplace was a small farming community in Iowa.
30. The birthplace of Confucius is Qufu, a city in eastern China.

Common Phases

1. My birthplace is in New York;
2. I was born in a hospital located in Toronto, Canada;
3. The place of my birth is a small town in Texas;
4. My birthplace is on the outskirts of London, England;
5. I came into this world in a beautiful city called Sydney, Australia;
6. My hometown and birthplace is in a rural area of France;
7. The place I was born is in a bustling city in Japan;
8. My birthplace is a remote village in India;
9. The town where I was born was in the middle of nowhere in Nevada;
10. I was born in a small coastal town in Brazil called Santos.

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