Brassy example sentences

Related (10): loud, bold, showy, cheeky, flashy, garish, obtrusive, tasteless, vulgar, assertive.

"Brassy" Example Sentences

1. The brassy notes of the trumpet filled the air.
2. The brassy light of the setting sun shone in through the windows.
3. She had a brassy, loud laugh that grated on his nerves.
4. The brassy keys of the old piano felt cool under her fingers.
5. The brassy bells of the church tower rang out.
6. The brassy horns of the marching band played loudly down the street.
7. The weeds looked brassy and dry in the summer heat.
8. The cheap, brassy chandelier hung crookedly from the ceiling.
9. The old brass knocker on the door had a brassy sheen.
10. The brassy light reflected off the surface of the lake.
11. His voice had a brassy, harsh quality to it.
12. The brassy tone of her voice grated on his nerves.
13. The blonde dancer had a brassy, overconfident air about her.
14. The brassy wind chimes clanged loudly outside.
15. His red hair had a brassy, coppery shine in the sunlight.
16. The brassy, uncultured laugh made her face redden with embarrassment.
17. The brassy blonde hair and orange tan made her look cheap and brash.
18. He wore a brassy wristwatch that was too flashy for her taste.
19. Her blonde hair had a brassy tinge in certain lights.
20. The wooden statue had taken on a brassy patina with age.
21. The brassy sunlight glinted off the ocean waves.
22. His eyes seemed brassy and hard like cheap metal.
23. The brass calendar on the desk had a brassy sheen.
24. The brassy chandelier glittered halfheartedly in the dusty room.
25. The artificial grass looked brassy and faded in the heat.
26. The brass monkey bookends had a brassy, burnished shine.
27. The brassy tones of her singing grated on his nerves.
28. The brassy sunlight made everyone look pale and unhealthy.
29. The brassy jewelry looked flashy and out of place.
30. The old brass key had a brassy shine from years of handling.
31. The brassy, lifeless blonde hair gave her a cheap look.
32. The wrought iron gate had taken on a brassy patina over the years.
33. The brassy taxi horns blared loudly on the busy street.
34. She wore brassy golden earrings that flashed in the light.
35. The metal railings had taken on a brassy sheen from years in the weather.
36. The orange-gold sunlight had a brassy glow through the curtains.
37 Her rasping voice had a brassy, metallic quality to it.
38. The brassy plaque commemorated those who had served.
39. The brassy glow of the city lights polluted the night sky.
40. The brassy wax fruit glowed garishly under the chandelier.
41. The golden autumn fields looked brassy and dry.
42. The brassy chandelier fixture hung crookedly from the ceiling.
43. His brassy glare made her feel uncomfortable.
44. The metal case had taken on a brassy patina from years of neglect.
45. The brassy horn section loudly accompanied the vocalist.
46. The ancient brass compass needle had a dull brassy shine.
47. The brassy handbells rang loudly in the hallway.
48. The brassy candlesticks looked out of place on the antique table.
49. The antique brass candlestick holders had taken on a brassy patina.
50. The brassy blonde hair and shoulder pads made her look dated.
51. The brass key had a brassy sheen that reflected the light.
52. The brass lanterns had a brassy glow that lit up the path.
53. The brassy trumpet tune played over and over again in his head.
54. The yellowed pages had taken on a slightly brassy hue.
55. The brassy glare of the afternoon sun poured in through the windows.
56. The brassy buckles on his boots shone in the light.
57. The brazen woman had a brassy, loud laugh.
58. The brass bands played their brassy tunes throughout the parade.
59. The brassy wind chimes created an unpleasant cacophony of noise.
60. The old brass doorknobs had a brassy sheen from years of use.

Common Phases

1. The brass band played a brassy melody that filled the air.
2. The brassy tones of the trumpet rang throughout the hall.
3. Her blonde hair and loud voice gave her a slightly brassy air.
4. The jewelry was cheap and brassy, not real gold.
5. The sound of the trumpets blaring during the parade was a bit too brassy for my taste.
6. Her brassy laugh carried across the room.
7. The singer had a brassy, loud voice that didn't suit the softer melody.
8. The brassy flowers brightened up the dreary interior of the restaurant.
9. The loud, brassy music coming from the club made it difficult to concentrate.
10. The sound of the traffic and sirens outside had a brassy edge to it.
11. The bells of the church pealed with a brassy, metallic sound.
12. The clothes were made of cheap, brassy fabrics.
13. The color of the wallpaper was a bit too brassy and gaudy.
14. The woman spoke with a brassy voice and loud laugh.
15. The brassy trumpet called the crowd to attention.
16. Her eyes were outlined with brassy colors that clashed with her complexion.
17. The trumpet solo had a brassy, piercing quality.
18. Her taste ran to the brassy and gaudy.
19. The makeup looked brassy and unnatural on her pale skin.
20. The metal of the gate had taken on a brassy patina over the years.
21. The woman's earrings were cheap and brassy.
22. The brass handles of the antique chest had acquired a brassy patina over the decades.
23. The blonde hair and overly made up face gave her a somewhat brassy aura.
24. Her brassy voice could be heard above the music and din of the crowd.
25. The shade of gold in the painting had a brassy rather than warm undertone.
26. The brassy clock chimed loudly every hour.
27. The brassy bakery sign lit up the dark street at night.
28. The trumpet player's solo had a brassy, piercing quality.
29. Her loud voice and brassy laugh made the other women shudder.
30. The loud music blared with a brassy harshness that grated on the nerves.
31. The trumpets sounded a brassy march as the band passed by.
32. The cheap costume jewelry had a brassy, tinny look.
33. The hallway was lit by a brassy light fixture that cast shadows on the walls.
34. Her painted finger and toe nails looked brassy and unnatural.
35. The metal railing had taken on a brassy patina over time.
36. The jewelry was brassy and cheap-looking.
37. The locks on the gate had turned brassy with age.
38. The singing voice was brassy and overdone.
39. The brassy melody of the march sounded cheerful but slightly harsh.
40. The sun shone harshly through the curtains, casting a brassy glow over the room.
41. Her brassy voice carried through the bar like a siren song.
42. The brassy bugle call woke the sleeping campers.
43. The brassy flowers looked out of place in the pale spring garden.
44. The door knocker had acquired a brassy patina from years of use.
45. The lampshade cast a brassy glow over the dinner table.
46. Her gaudy jewelry and brassy laugh screamed 'nouveau riche'.
47. The brassy light from the streetlamp lit up her room late at night.
48. The brassy blast of the horn startled the pedestrians waiting at the crosswalk.
49. The brass doorknob shone with a brassy glow in the hallway.
50. The brassy tones of her laugh set my teeth on edge.
51. The cheap bracelet had a dull, brassy finish.
52. The trumpet's brassy notes dominated the marching band.
53. Her brassy blonde hair and loud voice stood out in the quiet room.
54. The brassy blare of the siren filled the early morning air.
55. The brassy glare of the sunset shone through the window.
56. The brassy, metallic singing voice made the song sound flat and hollow.
57. The brassy glow of the streetlights lit up the parked cars after midnight.
58. The brassy colors in the painting were jarring.
59. Her brassy style and flashy jewelry seemed out of place.
60. The brass chandelier gave off a brassy glow in the otherwise dimly lit room.

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