Bubbles example sentences

Related (9): foam, fizz, effervescence, suds, carbonation, blisters, ballooning, droplets, globules

"Bubbles" Example Sentences

1. The little girl squealed in delight as she blew bubbles with her bubble wand.
2. The carbonated drink was full of tiny bubbles that tickled the roof of my mouth.
3. As the water boiled, bubbles formed on the surface of the pot.
4. The soap suds had formed bubbles all over the dishes in the sink.
5. The champagne was poured into flutes and the bubbles rose to the top.
6. The fish tank bubbled softly as the air pump circulated oxygen throughout the water.
7. The bubble wrap was popped noisily as my coworkers stressed over the deadline.
8. The bubble bath was the perfect way to relax after a long day at work.
9. The boiling lava created bubbles that burst and sent molten rock flying.
10. The bubble machine at the party filled the room with a sea of bubbles.
11. The laundry detergent promised to leave clothes clean and free of any bubbles.
12. The little boy ran after the bubbles on the lawn, trying to pop them with his fingers.
13. The soap bubble hovered in the air before finally popping, sending a tiny spray of water in all directions.
14. The lava lamp had bubbles that floated to the surface and then sank back down again.
15. The soda was flat and had no bubbles left, disappointing the thirsty customer.
16. The scuba divers were surrounded by schools of tiny fish that swam in their own bubble clusters.
17. The bubble gum popped loudly as I blew a huge bubble before it burst.
18. The soap bubble solution had to be mixed just right to create the perfect, long-lasting bubbles.
19. The bubbles in the glass of beer made it look like a science experiment.
20. The children chased after the large bubble blown by the street performer.
21. The bubble tea came with a large straw to suck up the tapioca pearls.
22. The bubble letters on the sign were eye-catching and drew customers into the store.
23. The fish tank bubbled continuously, creating a soothing white noise in the room.
24. The bubble blower twisted and turned, creating a trail of bubbles that floated away in the breeze.
25. The glass cleaner was effective at removing all the smudges and bubbles from the surfaces.
26. The carbonation in the soda had caused the plastic bottle to bulge, threatening to burst and spill the drink everywhere.
27. The bubble wrap packaging was essential for protecting fragile items during shipping.
28. The humidifier added moisture to the air and created a fine mist of bubbles.
29. The bubble bath spilled over the edge of the tub, leaving a trail of suds and water on the floor.
30. The bubble artist created amazing sculptures made entirely out of tiny soap bubbles.

Common Phases

you want to blow bubbles? Okay, here are some common phases using "bubbles":
1. Pop the bubbles;
2. Blowing bubbles is so much fun;
3. The bubbles look so pretty;
4. I love when the bubbles float in the air;
5. Don't let the bubbles touch the ground;
6. Bubbles always make me feel like a kid;
7. The soap creates so many bubbles;
8. The bubbles make a satisfying sound when you pop them;
9. I wish bubbles lasted forever;
10. The bubbles reflect the light in such a magical way.

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