Buffets example sentences

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"Buffets" Example Sentences

1. They sat down to enjoy the lavish buffet.
2. The hotel offered a wide variety of options at the breakfast buffet.
3. The party guests lined up at the appetizer buffet.
4. We filled our plates from the enormous salad buffet.
5. They feasted on the delicious dessert buffet.
6. The cruise ship had a 24-hour international buffet.
7. The lunch buffet featured all of our favorite dishes.
8. The carvery buffet had roast meats and Yorkshire pudding.
9. The wedding reception had an amazing seafood buffet.
10. The dim sum buffet offered so many tempting choices.
11. The chef prepared made-to-order omelets at the buffet station.
12. The casino's all-you-can-eat buffet was legendary.
13. They marveled at the enormous spread of food at the Sunday buffet.
14. The toddlers ran wild around the massive kids buffet.
15. The Chinese New Year buffet had every imaginable delicacy.
16. The military men lined up at chow time for the mess hall buffet.
17. They loaded up plates from the enormous smorgasbord buffet.
18. The hotel's lavish Sunday champagne brunch buffet was famous.
19. The family lined up at the all-you-can-eat ice cream buffet.
20. The wide selection at the pasta buffet overwhelmed the indecisive diner.
21. The cruise included an unending buffet of international cuisines.
22. They opted for the cheaper cafeteria-style hot buffet at lunchtime.
23. The brides gathered at the free wedding cake tasting buffet.
24. The pizza buffet offered slices of every imaginable variety.
25. The neighborhood potluck featured a massive salad buffet.
26. The lunchtime buffet offered traditional American fare.
27. The hotel's sumptuous Mediterranean buffet had every delicacy.
28. The holiday party had a stocked charcuterie and cheese buffet.
29. The employee cafeteria offered a daily soup and sandwich buffet.
30. The church basement had a post-service coffee and donuts buffet.
31. The trip to Vegas included all-you-can-eat buffets day and night.
32. The seafood restaurant's fish buffet on Fridays was legendary.
33. The college cafeteria had a daily continental breakfast buffet.
34. The kids piled their plates high at the colorful cereal buffet.
35. We sampled from the extensive tapas buffet at the Spanish restaurant.
36. The Brazilian steakhouse offered a rodizio style all-you-can-eat meat buffet.
37. The Japanese restaurant offered both sushi and hibachi buffets.
38. The all-you-can-eat dim sum buffet on weekends was very popular.
39. The fancy hotel offered a lavish high tea buffet in the afternoon.
40. The brunch buffet featured omelet and waffle stations.
41. They feasted at the lavish Persian New Year buffet.
42. The businessmen lined up at the free coffee and doughnut buffet in the lounge.
43. The children had a ball at the birthday party ice cream buffet.
44. The hotel's Sunday champagne brunch buffet was world famous.
45. The family-style dinner at Grandma's house had a massive dessert buffet.
46. The airline offered a constant flow of snacks from the in-flight buffet.
47. The cruise ship offered buffets around the clock in multiple dining rooms.
48. She filled her plate at the endless salad bar buffet.
49. They marveled at the impressive array of cheeses at the fromage buffet.
50. The tourist wandered bewildered among the choices at the endless breakfast buffet.
51. The stale leftovers have been sitting out all day at the hotel buffet.
52. The buffet spread was impressive at first glance but lacked flavor.
53. The hotel housekeeping staff restocked the empty dishes at the continental breakfast buffet.
54. The locals packed the all-you-can-eat Chinese seafood buffet on weekends.
55. The Sunday carvery buffet at the local pub was legendary.
56. The wedding guests marveled at the sumptuous dessert buffet at the reception.
57. The cafeteria offered a salad buffet along with the hot lunch options.
58. The Italian restaurant had a wide selection of homemade pasta at the lunch buffet.
59. The endless buffet of unhealthy temptations threatened her diet.
60. The high-end hotel offered an incredible 24-hour international gourmet buffet spread.

Common Phases

1. All-you-can-eat buffet
2. Breakfast buffet
3. Brunch buffet
4. Build-your-own buffet
5. Lunch buffet
6. Salad buffet
7. Seafood buffet
8. Smorgasbord buffet
9. Sundae buffet
10. Sushi buffet

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