Cabbaged example sentences

Related (6): stolen, wrecked, useless, damaged, discarded, ruined

"Cabbaged" Example Sentences

1. The chef cabbaged the leftover vegetables and made them into a delicious soup.
2. The farmer was surprised to find his cabbage patch completely cabbaged by pests.
3. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the thief cabbaging the valuables from my house.
4. The old man sat in his garden, cabbaging the weeds and pruning the rose bushes.
5. My mother usually cabbages the leftovers from dinner and turns them into a new dish for the next day.
6. She cabbaged all the good items from the clearance sale before anyone else could grab them.
7. The street vendor cabbaged the last few fruit baskets before his competitors could get to them.
8. He cabbaged the best ideas from his colleagues and presented them as his own.
9. The student cabbaged all the information he needed for his thesis from the internet.
10. After a long day at work, she just wanted to veg out on the couch and cabbage some reality TV.
11. The restaurant cabbaged the menu to include more vegetarian options and gluten-free dishes.
12. The shoplifter was caught cabbaging makeup and jewelry from a local store.
13. The farmer's market was full of fresh, healthy cabbaged vegetables that shoppers couldn't resist.
14. The celebrity cabbaged all the attention of the paparazzi as she walked down the red carpet.
15. The rockstar cabbaged his lyrics and music from the experiences of his wild lifestyle.
16. The entrepreneur cabbaged the latest trends in technology and social media to create a successful startup.
17. The fashion designer cabbaged inspiration from vintage styles to create her latest collection.
18. The coach cabbaged the team's game plan to ensure their victory in the championship.
19. The politician cabbaged his speech from his advisors to win over his constituents.
20. The teacher cabbaged the lesson plan based on the needs of her students.
21. The baker cabbaged the ingredients to make a scrumptious carrot cake.
22. The musician cabbaged the chords and melodies to create a beautiful symphony.
23. The artist cabbaged the colors and brush strokes to create a stunning masterpiece.
24. The author cabbaged the experiences and emotions of her life to write a bestselling novel.
25. The scientist cabbaged the research data to make an important discovery.
26. The engineer cabbaged the knowledge of physics and mathematics to design a groundbreaking invention.
27. The doctor cabbaged the medical information to diagnose and treat his patient's illness.
28. The lawyer cabbaged the legal precedents to prepare a strong case for his client.
29. The architect cabbaged the structural elements to design a functional and beautiful building.
30. The athlete cabbaged the rigorous training program to prepare for the Olympic games.

Common Phases

1. I was so cabbaged after the party last night; I could barely move this morning.
2. He looked completely cabbaged after the long workday; I offered him a seat to rest.
3. We have been cabbaged by the sun all day; let's find some shade.
4. She was cabbaged out on the couch watching TV all day; I decided to go for a walk.
5. The power outage left us cabbaged in the dark; we had to use candles to see.
6. I was so cabbaged from studying for exams all week; I needed a break.
7. The traffic jam left us cabbaged in our car for hours; we were glad to finally arrive.

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