Calcite example sentences

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"Calcite" Example Sentences

1. The rock formations in the area are predominantly made up of calcite.
2. The crystals in the geode were formed from calcite.
3. The calcite mineral is often used in construction due to its durability.
4. The limestone cliffs were composed primarily of calcite.
5. Crystals of calcite can be found in various colors depending on impurities present.
6. The calcite in the cave formations shimmered in the light.
7. Fossils of prehistoric creatures were preserved in layers of calcite.
8. The calcite in the sample was distinctly rhombohedral in shape.
9. Calcite is often used in the production of glass due to its transparency.
10. The fluorescence of calcite under ultraviolet light is a common property.
11. The calcite crystals exhibited a high level of clarity in the microscope.
12. Calcite can be found in many different geological formations.
13. The calcite deposit was discovered during a geological survey.
14. Geologists use calcite to determine the age of rocks via radiometric dating.
15. The calcite veins were a sign of the mineral-rich nature of the area.
16. Calcite is often used as a neutralizer in water treatment.
17. The white cliffs of Dover are primarily composed of calcite.
18. Calcite reacts with hydrochloric acid to produce carbon dioxide and calcium chloride.
19. The calcite in the sample fluoresced a bright red under ultraviolet light.
20. The calcite in the rock sample was heavily veined with other minerals.
21. In the presence of water, calcite can form stalactites and stalagmites in caves.
22. The ancient Romans used calcite as a building material due to its abundance.
23. Calcite is often used to produce cement due to its high-calcium content.
24. The calcite formation inside pipes can lead to blockages and the buildup of minerals.
25. The calcite in the sandstone created a unique pattern of swirls and veining.
26. Calcite is sometimes used as a gemstone due to its high refractive index.
27. The calcite deposits in the area made for fertile soil for agriculture.
28. The calcite in the marble gave it a distinctive veined appearance.
29. The optical properties of calcite make it useful for polarizing lenses in optics.
30. Calcite is often mined for industrial uses in large quantities.

Common Phases

1. Calcite is a mineral;
2. Calcite is found in limestone and marble;
3. Calcite has a hardness of 3 on the Mohs scale;
4. Calcite has a white or colorless appearance;
5. Calcite is used in construction as a building material;
6. Calcite is also used in a variety of industries including paper, paint, and plastics;
7. Calcite can exhibit double refraction;
8. Acid can dissolve calcite;
9. Calcite is commonly found in sedimentary rocks;
10. Calcite can fluoresce under ultraviolet light.

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