Carrell example sentences

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"Carrell" Example Sentences

1. The carrell in the library was always occupied by diligent students.
2. The carrells were organized in alphabetical order, making it easy to find your designated spot.
3. Emily spent hours at her carrell, pouring over research for her thesis.
4. The carrells were small cubicles, providing privacy and minimal distraction.
5. The librarian showed me to my designated carrell and wished me luck on my studies.
6. The quiet hum of the air conditioning was the only sound to be heard in the carrell section of the library.
7. The carrell was dimly lit, with just enough light to read the words on the pages.
8. The carrells were in high demand during exam season, causing some students to arrive hours before the library opened to secure one.
9. The carrells were located on the top floor of the library, offering a beautiful view of the surrounding area.
10. Samantha was so engrossed in her studies at the carrell that she didn't even notice when the library closed.
11. The university recently invested in new carrell equipment to enhance the studying experience for students.
12. It was tough to find a carrell during finals week, as most of them were already taken by students.
13. Having a designated carrell helped Maria block out distractions and focus on her work.
14. Max only went to the library to use the carrells, as he found it too distracting to study at home.
15. The carrells were equipped with power outlets and charging stations, keeping students' devices fully charged throughout their study sessions.
16. The library staff always made sure to keep the carrells clean and free of clutter.
17. Jacob was so tired after studying at the carrell all day that he fell asleep with his head on the desk.
18. The carrell section of the library was one of the most popular spots for students to study.
19. Zara was disappointed to learn that all the carrells were taken, as she was hoping for some privacy while working on her project.
20. The carrells were surprisingly spacious, with just enough room for a desk and chair.
21. It was easy to get lost in your work while sitting at the carrell, as it provided a quiet and focused environment.
22. Students were required to sign up for a carrell at the beginning of the semester, ensuring everyone had an equal chance to use one.
23. The library invested in high-quality chairs for the carrells, ensuring students remained comfortable during long study sessions.
24. The carrells were not just for studying - some students used them as a quiet space to read or write.
25. The carrells had adjustable lighting, allowing students to set the perfect level of brightness for their needs.
26. The library installed soundproofing materials around the carrell section, ensuring minimal noise could be heard from adjacent areas.
27. Erin always felt more productive when she sat at her designated carrell, knowing that this space was meant for academics only.
28. The university had a strict policy about food and drink in the carrells, to keep the space clean and free of distractions.
29. The carrells were surprisingly modern, with a sleek design and all the necessary amenities for a productive studying experience.
30. The library provided lockers for students to store their personal belongings while using a carrell, ensuring maximum security and privacy.

Common Phases

1. The carrell is located on the first floor;
2. Can you please find the carrell number for me?;
3. The carrell is reserved for graduate students only;
4. The library staff will assign a carrell to you;
5. I left my notes in my carrell;
6. Please make sure to clean up your carrell before leaving;
7. John forgot to lock his carrell before leaving;
8. The carrell is a quiet study space for individual use;
9. Sarah spends most of her time studying in her carrell.

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