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"Continental" Example Sentences

1. They enjoyed a continental breakfast before checking out of the hotel.
2. The menu offered a variety of continental and international cuisine.
3. They seated us in the non-smoking section of the continental dining area.
4. The hotel provided a buffet of continental options for breakfast each morning.
5. The quaint European-style bistro served traditional continental fare.
6. We had a continental divide between our perspectives on the issue.
7. The historic town spread across the continental divide.
8. The ship sailed from the European continent to the New World.
9. The airline operated flights to destinations across Europe and the continental U.S.
10. There was a continental drift of the Earth's tectonic plates millions of years ago.
11. The resort was situated high in the continental divide mountain range.
12. The airline offered non-stop flights to major cities across the continental U.S.
13. The conference brought together researchers from across the European continent.
14. The vast planes and grasslands stretched across the North American continent.
15. The continental climates are characterized by cold winters and hot summers.
16. Continental philosophy originated in Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
17. The couple enjoyed a leisurely continental breakfast each morning on their vacation.
18. The hotel restaurant served European continental cuisine for dinner.
19. The town was nestled in the jagged mountains along the continental divide.
20. The chef specialized in preparing classic continental dishes.
21. The hiking trails wound through mountain passes over the continental divide.
22. The restaurant featured an elevated continental dining experience.
23. They ordered continental breakfast baskets delivered to their villa each morning.
24. The property boasted stunning views of the continental divide range.
25. The seed was spread across the African continent by migrating birds.
26. The city had a distinct continental European feel.
27. Their continental breakfast spread included fruit, pastries, and coffee.
28. The trail wound through some of the most stunning scenery along the continental divide.
29. The icy water of the lake flowed from melting snow in the continental divide peaks.
30. European art and culture spread across the African continent through colonization.
31. Our continental drift caused our relationship to come apart.
32. The gallery featured artwork from artists across the European continent.
33. The car was manufactured with a continental tire and rim package.
34. They enjoyed fresh croissants and fruit as part of their continental breakfast.
35. The art nouveau furniture had a distinct continental style.
36. The foyer featured a continental breakfast buffet each morning.
37. The hotel chain catered to travelers with their continental zone reward program.
38. The empire once spread across much of the European and Asian continents.
39. The beer selection featured a variety of continental European brews.
40. The mountain pass marked the highest point along the continental divide.
41. The weather changes abruptly at the continental divide.
42. The restaurant served continental cuisine with international flair.
43. The movement of the Earth's tectonic plates caused continental drift.
44. The car was outfitted with high-performance continental tires.
45. Our interests and perspectives grew further and further apart, creating a continental divide between us.
46. The gallery featured artwork from artists representing six continents.
47. The trail passed by many old mines and ghost towns along the continental divide.
48. They enjoyed the surrounding scenic mountain ranges along the continental divide.
49. The architecture had a distinct continental European style.
50. The seeds could survive being carried across the vast African continent in bird guts.

Common Phases

1. We flew to Europe on a continental flight.
2. The decor of the restaurant had a continental feel.
3. She cooked a continental breakfast of croissants and pastries.
4. They moved from the continental United States to Hawaii.
5. Continental drift shaped the layout of the continents over millions of years.
6. They are planning a European tour, traveling around the continent.
7. The chef prepared a continental cuisine, with influences from France, Italy, and Spain.
8. The weather in continental climates tends to exhibit more extremes of hot and cold.
9. They crossed the continent on the Transcontinental Railroad.
10. He had a continental philosophy, broad and encompassing many different ideas.
11. The hotel served a lavish continental buffet in the morning.
12. She stared blankly across the continental United States from her window seat.
13. The car has a large continental tire that provides extra traction.
14. The shop sold an assortment of continental chocolates.
15. The pickup truck had a continental spare tire mounted on the rear door.
16. They wore continental suits in the latest European styles.
17. The hotel has panoramic views of the continental divide.
18. Continental traditions influenced the cuisine of the New World.
19. They drove the Pan American Highway, stretching from Alaska to the tip of South America.
20. The restaurant served generous portions of continental cuisine, known for its rich sauces and desserts.
21. She ordered an espresso and croissant at the hotel's continental breakfast buffet.
22. The plate tectonics theory explains continental drift and how the continents change over time.
23. The team traveled to several European cities on their continental soccer tour.
24. The decor followed a distinctively continental European theme.
25. Across the continent, drought has led to severe wildfires.
26. The book provided a broad overview of continental philosophy from Descartes to Derrida.
27. Their scenic drive took them across several continental divides.
28. The strike threatened to bring continental Europe to a standstill.
29. They had taken a train journey across the entire continental United States.
30. The spices and preparation harked back to Continental influences.
31. The deserts and grasslands extend across much of the continental interior.
32. He crafted a continental outlook shaped by the ideas of multiple nations.
33. The museum has an impressive collection of continental art.
34. Her grandparents had immigrated from continental Europe.
35. Many species have continental distributions extending across broad ranges.
36. The plates collide and form mountains where continents meet.
37. They embarked on a grand continental tour to experience the culture.
38. The large cities are concentrated near the coasts and not in the continental interior.
39. The treads on the continental tire provide superior traction in rain and snow.
40. They followed the Trans Canadian Highway, crossing the continent from east to west.
41. The brand offers a wide selection of continental as well as American styles.
42. The hotel had a limited continental breakfast with only pastries and juice.
43. The company designed and installed the first transcontinental pipeline.
44. He cited authors from continental Europe in his broad arguments.
45. The soldiers marched across the continental United States in a memorial trek.
46. His intellectual outlook had been shaped by thinkers from across the continent.
47. The scholars explored themes found in continental philosophy.
48. She dreamed of one day taking an around-the-world continental flight.
49. The paintings evoked a romanticized view of continental Europe.
50. The climate becomes more continental further away from the coasts.
51. They watched with dismay as parts of the continent burned unchecked.
52. We took a cross-continental red-eye flight from New York to Los Angeles.
53. The epic trek would take them across the entire continental United States.
54. The university had a robust philosophy department focused on continental thought.
55. The book delved into the complex history of continental drift and plate tectonics.
56. Their vacation involved driving across multiple continental divides.
57. The theory of continental drift radically changed ideas about how the continents formed.
58. The dessert spread at the hotel offered continental favorites like crepes and eclairs.
59. Her thinking was shaped by philosophers from across the European continent.
60. They offered complementary continental breakfasts for all guests.

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