Coveys example sentences

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"Coveys" Example Sentences

1. The field was full of coveys of quail.
2. The hunting party spotted several coveys of partridge.
3. The young boy loved to watch the coveys of pheasants in the woods.
4. The park ranger was pleased to see the coveys of grouse thriving in the area.
5. The farmer's fields were often visited by coveys of wild turkeys.
6. The naturalist spent hours observing the behavior of coveys of guinea fowl.
7. The hiker was startled when a covey of quail suddenly burst from the brush.
8. The hunter carefully trained his dog to locate coveys of game birds.
9. The mountainous region was home to coveys of snow partridge.
10. The birdwatcher was hoping to spot coveys of rock ptarmigan.
11. The guide led his group to areas where coveys of chukar were known to reside.
12. The sound of coveys of chuck-will's-widows filled the night air.
13. The ornithologist examined the feeding habits of coveys of bobwhite.
14. The coveys of doves perched on the power lines, cooing softly.
15. The naturalist was fascinated by the behavior of coveys of sandgrouse.
16. The farmer often found coveys of quail nesting in the tall grass.
17. The mountain climber was surprised by the sight of coveys of snowcocks.
18. The hunter was thrilled to come across coveys of woodcock during his trip.
19. The national park was known for its large coveys of chachalacas.
20. The birding enthusiast spotted coveys of wild turkeys in the forest.
21. The birdwatcher's field guide helped her identify coveys of partridges.
22. The sight of coveys of doves flocking around the bird feeder was a common occurrence.
23. The naturalist followed the tracks of coveys of quail through the underbrush.
24. The flock of coveys of chukar were a striking sight against the rocky landscape.
25. The hiker stumbled upon coveys of ptarmigan while traversing the high-altitude terrain.
26. The ornithologist was able to count the number of coveys of grouse from his vantage point.
27. The hunter's dog was trained to flush out coveys of woodcock from the thickets.
28. The guide pointed out the nesting habits of coveys of sandgrouse to his clients.
29. The sound of coveys of grouse echoing through the valley was a familiar sound to the locals.
30. The birding tour company promised spectacular sightings of coveys of pheasants along the way.

Common Phases

1. Coveys of birds flew overhead; their wings flapping loudly.
2. The park was filled with coveys of families enjoying the sunny weather.
3. The coveys of employees gathered in the meeting room to discuss the new project.
4. The hunters set out in search of coveys of quail.
5. The music festival featured coveys of talented musicians from all over the world.
6. The farmer watched as coveys of bees buzzed around the apple orchard.
7. The museum had coveys of exhibits showcasing art and history from various eras.
8. The students worked in coveys to research and present their group projects.
9. The beach was crowded with coveys of tourists soaking up the sun and playing in the waves.
10. The city was bustling with coveys of commuters rushing to work in the morning.

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