Crawlers example sentences

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"Crawlers" Example Sentences

1. The crawlers are slowly making their way through the garden.
2. I can see tiny crawlers all over the tree bark.
3. We had to spray the house for crawlers because they were getting out of hand.
4. The aquarium has a section for creepy crawlers that visitors can see up close.
5. The night vision goggles allowed us to spot the tiny crawlers on the forest floor.
6. The scientist studied the behavior patterns of the crawlers in the lab.
7. There were dozens of crawlers in the compost pile, helping break down the organic matter.
8. The children were fascinated by the crawlers in the grass and spent hours watching them.
9. The restaurant served a dish made with fried crawlers that was surprisingly tasty.
10. The crawlers in the creek can be used as bait for fishing.
11. The crawlers left a trail of slime on the sidewalk, making it difficult to walk without slipping.
12. There is a special section in the zoo for creepy crawlers like spiders and scorpions.
13. The crawlers in the mud were so small, you could barely see them with the naked eye.
14. The farmers used crawlers to help aerate the soil before planting.
15. The crawlers in the cave were a unique and fascinating sight to see.
16. The artist created a sculpture of a crawler out of wire and recycled materials.
17. The medical team was able to identify the cause of the infection by analyzing the crawlers in the patient's stool sample.
18. The crawlers are vital to the ecosystem, as they help break down dead plant matter.
19. The children were rewarded with stickers for finding the most crawlers on their nature walk.
20. The crawlers burrowed deep into the ground, making it difficult to remove them without damaging the plants.
21. The scientist discovered a new species of crawler during their research expedition.
22. The crawlers in the soil helped to increase the fertility of the garden.
23. The camping trip turned into a nightmare when the crawlers invaded the tent.
24. The gym had a special class for working out with resistance bands called "power crawlers."
25. The crawlers in the sewer system make it difficult to maintain the infrastructure.
26. The hikers were warned to watch out for venomous crawlers in the desert.
27. The crawlers in the rotting log were an important food source for the birds in the area.
28. The fishing bait shop sold a variety of crawlers for anglers to choose from.
29. The crawlers on the beach were a reminder of the importance of cleaning up litter.
30. The crawlers in the pet store were popular among kids as a low-maintenance pet option.

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