Decrepitated example sentences

Related (11): decomposed, decayed, dilapidated, deteriorated, weathered, worn-out, broken-down, crumbled, shattered, fragmented, undone

"Decrepitated" Example Sentences

1. The fire crackled and decrepitated in the fireplace.
2. As the old building began to fall apart, it decrepitated slowly.
3. The dry leaves decrepitated under my feet as I walked through the forest.
4. The insect's wings decrepitated loudly as it flew away.
5. The decaying wood decrepitated with every step the explorer took.
6. The rusty pipes decrepitated with a loud screech as the water flowed through them.
7. The ancient scroll decrepitated as the historian tried to unravel it.
8. The old vinyl record decrepitated with a scratchy sound as it played on the turntable.
9. The aging film reel decrepitated with static noise as the movie played.
10. The moldy bread decrepitated into a pile of crumbs as I touched it.
11. The antique clock decrepitated with a loud ticking noise.
12. The dilapidated car decrepitated as it drove down the bumpy road.
13. The dried flowers decrepitated as they were crushed in my hand.
14. The dry grass decrepitated as it withered in the sun.
15. The ancient bones decrepitated as the archeologist unearthed them.
16. The old newspaper decrepitated as I unfolded it.
17. The fragile pottery decrepitated when it was dropped.
18. The weathered rope decrepitated as it was pulled on.
19. The old photographs decrepitated in my hand as I looked through them.
20. The crumbling brick wall decrepitated as I leaned against it.
21. The brittle ice decrepitated under the weight of my foot.
22. The abandoned house decrepitated as it sat empty for years.
23. The dried paint on the wall decrepitated as I tried to scrape it off.
24. The antique piano decrepitated as I played a key.
25. The wooden door decrepitated as it creaked open.
26. The rusted metal decrepitated as I tried to bend it.
27. The ancient pottery shard decrepitated as I picked it up.
28. The old leather book decrepitated as I flipped through the pages.
29. The aged wallpaper decrepitated as I peeled it off the wall.
30. The parched earth beneath my feet decrepitated as I walked on it.

Common Phases

1. The ancient pottery was decrepitated; its shards lay scattered among the ruins.
2. The old building had decrepitated over the years, leaving it in a state of disrepair.
3. The rock sample was decrepitated under intense heat, revealing its mineral composition.
4. The once-prosperous town had decrepitated due to a lack of investment and economic decline.
5. The wooden pier had decrepitated over time, making it unsafe for public use.
6. The old book had decrepitated into a pile of dust, making it impossible to read.
7. The abandoned car had decrepitated in the elements, becoming a rusty shell.
8. The antique clock had decrepitated, making it unusable and needing extensive repairs.
9. The once-lush garden had decrepitated due to neglect and lack of care.
10. The historic artifact had decrepitated over time, requiring restoration to preserve its historical value.

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