Deformations example sentences

Related (10): malformations, abnormalities, distortions, disfigurements, mutations, anomalies, aberrations, contortions, misshapenness, warpings


[ˌdēˌfôrˈmāSHən, ˌdefərˈmāSHən] ✕ Play

deformations (plural noun)

  - the action or process of changing in shape or distorting, especially through the application of pressure:

  - the result of a distorting process:

  - an altered form of a word, especially one used to avoid overt profanity (e.g. dang for damn).


warp, twist, contortion, bend, buckle, deformity, curve, curvature, malformation, disfigurement, crookedness, gnarl, knot, distortion, malformation, contortion, buckling, twisting, warping, bending, wrenching, misshaping, twist, warp, bend, buckle, curve, Wikipedia

"Deformations" Example Sentences

1. The engineer noticed deformations in the bridge.
2. The artist incorporated deformations into the sculpture for a unique effect.
3. The car accident caused severe deformations to the vehicle.
4. The geologist studied the deformations in the rock layers.
5. The bodybuilder experienced muscle deformations due to overexertion.
6. The scientist analyzed the deformations in the metal sample.
7. The plastic surgery resulted in unexpected facial deformations.
8. The earthquake left noticeable deformations in the landscape.
9. The material’s deformation was tested in different environments.
10. The machine had deformations due to wear and tear.
11. The boxer experienced deformations on his face from the fight.
12. The pottery maker corrected the deformations in the clay.
13. The stress caused deformations in the metal structure.
14. The surgery corrected the foot deformation of the patient.
15. The heat caused plastic deformation in the material.
16. The gymnast’s deformation was due to a previous injury.
17. The deformations were caused by a defective product.
18. The fungal infection caused a deformation in the plant.
19. The crude oil contained deformations that affected its quality.
20. The meteor impact caused severe deformations in the ground.
21. The engineer detected small deformations in the building's foundation.
22. The baker removed the cake from the oven despite its deformations.
23. The plastic deformation of the metal was irreversible.
24. The therapist worked to correct the spinal deformation of the patient.
25. The 3D printer caused slight deformations in the printed object.
26. The x-ray showed a deformation in the bone structure.
27. The artist purposely added deformations to give the artwork a unique touch.
28. The veterinary surgeon corrected the leg deformation of the puppy.
29. The deformations were caused by constant pressure on the material.
30. The metal deformation was analyzed to determine the quality of the manufacturing process.

Common Phases

1. The deformation of the metal was caused by excessive force applied during the manufacturing process;
2. The deformation of the building was due to the strong winds during the storm;
3. The deformation of the car's frame indicated a serious collision;
4. The deformation of the plastic bottle was caused by the high temperature of the liquid stored inside;
5. The deformation of the rubber band showed signs of wear and tear from repeated stretching;
6. The deformation of the rock formation was caused by natural weathering over time.

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