Deformers example sentences

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"Deformers" Example Sentences

1. The deformers at the plastic factory were carefully crafted to ensure accurate production.
2. The sculptor used various deformers to create the unique shape of the clay.
3. The computer animator had to apply deformers to create the perfect movement of the 3D character.
4. The dentist used dental deformers to correct the patient’s teeth alignment.
5. The medical professional recommended the use of toe deformers to alleviate foot pain.
6. The fashion designer experimented with different deformers to create interesting silhouettes.
7. The artist used deformers to manipulate the metal into beautiful shapes and designs.
8. The engineer had to use deformers to meet the safety standards for the new vehicle design.
9. The soft foam deformers were effective in improving the packaging of delicate items.
10. The shoe company introduced a new line of deformers to cater to their customer’s foot needs.
11. The special effects team used a combination of deformers and props to create the realistic explosion.
12. The carpenter used wood deformers to bend and shape the wood into intricate designs.
13. The prosthetic expert used deformers to create a realistic and natural-looking limb for the patient.
14. The makeup artist practiced using face deformers to create different facial expressions.
15. The hair stylist used hair deformers to create unique hairstyles for the fashion show.
16. The tailor used fabric deformers to manipulate the fabric and create a new dress design.
17. The toy manufacturer introduced a new line of deformers that could be twisted and shaped into various animals.
18. The scientist researched the effects of deformers on plant growth and found that it could increase yield.
19. The athlete used muscle deformers to improve flexibility and prevent injuries.
20. The architect used deformers to create curved walls and ceilings in the building design.
21. The welder used metal deformers to create the intricate metalwork on the new gate.
22. The makeup artist used lip deformers to give the actor a more prominent pout.
23. The artist experimented with textile deformers to create unique tapestries.
24. The technician used deformers to repair the damaged car frame.
25. The plumber used pipe deformers to connect two different pipe sizes.
26. The welder used metal deformers to create the unusual shape of the custom-made bike.
27. The ceramic artist used clay deformers to create a unique pottery design.
28. The costume designer used body deformers to create the illusion of a larger or smaller body shape.
29. The morphing effect in the video game was achieved using various deformers.
30. The makeup artist used nose deformers to create a different nose shape for the character.

Common Phases

1. "Let's apply some deformers and see how it affects the mesh;"
2. "By using the bend deformer, we can create a curved shape;"
3. "The twist deformer can add a spiraling effect to the model;"
4. "With the help of the lattice deformer, we can reshape specific sections of the mesh;"
5. "The squash and stretch deformer can compress and expand the object in various directions;"
6. "Let's use the volume deformer to add a bulging effect;"
7. "The shear deformer can create a diagonal shift in the mesh;"
8. "By applying the wire deformer, we can add a wavy effect to the model;"
9. "The flare deformer can create a blooming effect, ideal for creating a visual impact;"
10. "Using the ripple deformer, we can create gentle waves on the surface of the object."

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